I'm a sugar baby and rate the gifts my man buys me from 1-10 including Balenciaga trainers & Louis Vuitton bags

CHRISTMAS is around the corner – this means lots of booze, roast dinners and, of course, piles of presents.

But there are some lucky ones who get gifts with a hefty price tag all year long.

The Scottish stunner, Jodi Goldie, is amongst them as her sugar daddy spoils her with lavish gifts almost every day of the calendar.

With the price of gifts sky-rocketing up to almost £2000 for a Louis Vuitton bag, Jodi definitely has an expensive taste.

But despite spending so much money, her sugar daddy seems to fail to meet her high standards.


In a video titled “Rating things my sugar daddy bought me'', the brunette displays quite a grand array of gifts.

For the new iPhone 13 – roughly £800 on the current market – she left a rating of 9/10 as it was delivered three days late.

He then tried to make her happy by sending a pair of new Balenciaga trainers.

But the £775 shoes didn't do the job either.

“000/10 ugly hate them sent them back,'' she wrote.

If we were gifted a Louis Vuitton bag – or anything for that matter – we'd probably cherish it for the rest of our lives.

But not Jodi.

Not too keen on the colour – it wasn't the one she had asked for – she scored the bag with 7/10.

But the situation seemed to improve once he had gifted her flowers and some money in an envelope.

“8/10 pretty colours,'' was the rating for the bouquet.

The highest scorer was the envelope containing a large sum of banknotes: “Cash 10/10 my favourite,'' she wrote.

Someone wrote: “Be grateful for what you've got!''

However, for the most part, many wanted to find a sugar daddy for themselves, with one asking: “Where do you find these men I can't find them!''

According to one user, the site Seeking Arrangements is the place to go.

“Go get them gals xx''

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