I’ve been on five dates with a guy and expect him to give me $350 for my makeup needs – am I wrong?

A MAN has been left completely dumbfounded following a ginormous request from a girl he went on five dates with.

She asked him to give her $350 so she can shop for makeup.

The man recalled the shocking request in an anonymous post to Reddit and admitted he had no clue how to handle the situation. 

“Last night she texted me that she wants to buy stuff from Sephora and wants my help with it,” he explained.

The poster thought that she simply wanted him to come along to help, so he agreed to go. 

That’s when she asked him to cough up the large sum of cash.

“This seems kind of excessive to ask someone you are still getting to know,” he reasoned.

He said he’s paid for each of their dates so far and that things were “going pretty well” between the two.

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She doesn’t work at all, but is a full-time student. 

And even though things seemed to be clicking with the pair, fellow Redditors told the poster to get out of the situation while he still could.

“I know someone like her. It will only get worse for you,” one person warned.

“Dump her.”

“Sounds like you think she's your date, and she thinks you're her sugar daddy,” another wrote.

Yet a third user told the man to ask himself if he wants a partner that respects him, or if he wants “to be someone's ATM until they move on to the next person who gives them more.”

It seems that the poster took everyone’s advice because in an update to his original post, he revealed he told the girl he’s not “comfortable” sending her that much cash.

She made it clear what she was really looking for when in response, she blocked him on everything.

While it was an unfortunate occurrence, Redditors were thrilled the poster got out of the situation for good. 

“Yikes, good thing you got out of there. 

“That was a major red flag,” one person wrote. 

Another said: “You really dodged a bullet there. Congrats.”

If the woman is looking for a man to fund her life, she could take a pointer from one woman who found a sugar daddy who paid her $2,000 a month just to text.

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