Your January Horoscope Is Here

From clinking twinkling champagne glasses at midnight on January 1 to setting bold resolutions, January can't help but instill us with that perfect combo of pragmatism and hope. No matter how wacky the world is right now, the first month of the year feels like a fresh start, an empty canvas, a promise that perhaps, at some point over the course of the next 12 months, we'll have the ability to make even just one of our wildest dreams come true. That feeling is owed to its astrological hosts: pragmatic, industrious Capricorn and quirky, forward-thinking Aquarius. 

For the first half of the month, Saturn-ruled cardinal earth sign Capricorn has the reins, homing your focus in on time-honored traditions and at least a little bit of brainstorming around the goals you want to set and work toward in the coming weeks, months, and year. And for the second half, Uranus-ruled fixed air sign Aquarius sets a humanitarian-focused, future-minded, and independent — if at times rebellious — tone that's ideal for nurturing platonic and collegial bonds and collectively working toward a cause close to your hearts. The combination of Capricornian determination and Aquarian idealism opens 2022 with a rational, take-charge vibe that can set you up for feeling even more productive and connected. 

(Be sure to read your rising sign as well as your sun.)


With a ton of action in your career zone over the past few weeks, your professional path is very much on your mind as you kick off the new year. And around January 2, the new moon there will offer up your annual opportunity to set a bold, optimistic intention. Because it's a super moon and it forms a sweet trine to game-changer Uranus in your money zone, you can anticipate exciting breakthroughs about how you can lay the groundwork to make your work life more rewarding over the course of the next six months. Consider what you want to have accomplished by July 13, then start taking steps that'll ensure you've crossed that finish line — or won even more. At the same time, you'll want to start preparing yourself mentally for a bit of a slowdown around group projects, because messenger Mercury moves into your networking zone on January 2 only to go retrograde there on January 14. Until it's direct on February 3, tending to existing business could serve you best.

Nonetheless, you'll get zaps from other planetary moves that are sharing a sneak peek of the success and excitement coming down the pike in your public life. From January 24 to March 5, go-getter Mars, your ruler, will be in your career zone, allowing you to be even more assertive, aggressive, and bold while getting after big picture aspirations. And once social Venus ends its retrograde there on January 29, you can apply whatever you've learned since December 19 to making a play for more well-deserved recognition. 


Cap season, which has been hitting your adventure zone since December 21, has been lighting up your desire to get out of your comfort zone, which has likely felt a little bizarre, given that you're all about sticking with whatever makes you feel comfiest and coziest. Still, this energy can be super-helpful for personal growth, and you'll have a special opportunity to harness it around January 2 when the new moon lands there. It'll form a harmonizing trine to rebellious Uranus in your sign, which could motivate you to throw caution to the wind and follow your gut to kick off a fresh start — particularly in regard to higher learning or prioritizing another horizon-broadening experience. The same day, messenger Mercury will move into your career zone, which will allow you to start showing off your inner rebel while making bold professional plays. If you've been wanting to call a meeting with a higher-up to talk about your goals for the new year or make a presentation you're positive will leave your colleagues floored, take advantage of the planet of communication moving forward in this public image-boosting sector until January 14.

Once Mercury goes retrograde on the 14th, career-related achievements could be stalled, slowed, or confusing. The best way to cope will be by making sure you've crossed all your Ts and dotted your Is and spending plenty of time honing your skill set so that you're fully prepared to hit the ground running when you're out of the woods next month. On January 28, your ruler, romantic Venus pairs up with transformative Pluto in your adventure zone for the third time recently, intensifying your desire to take a leap of faith. And the next day, sweet Venus goes direct there, making it easier for you to relate to and connect with people who can support your next, big, bold moves. 


Until January 19, the sun continues to move through your intimacy zone, keeping your tolerance for superficiality super-low. With so much buzz in this sector now, you want to go deep in your relationships, be more vulnerable, tackle tough emotional terrain, and do much more than skim the surface in your conversations. Anything less than that just feels like it's falling short for you. And around January 2, the super new moon there only serves to underline this feeling. Because it forms a harmonizing trine to game-changer Uranus in your spirituality zone, your intuition will be amplified, and you'll have your finger on the pulse of exactly what you need in your closest relationships. And because messenger Mercury, your ruler, will be fairly cozy with powerful Pluto at the moment, you'll be compelled to initiate any heavy-hitting conversations necessary to share your desires.

Speaking of Mercury, it'll go retrograde in your learning zone on January 14, requiring that you hit the books — literally or figuratively — to brush up on skills you may later apply to pursuing big picture professional goals. But instead of worrying so much about how they'll look on a resume, this is a wonderful time to slow down and tune into your gut to figure out what to best focus on. Because your ruling planet is compromised, your intuition may actually be sharper than your rational thinking at times now. And you'll have quite a bit of confidence in it on January 23 when the vitality-bringing sun pairs up with Mercury there. You can also look forward to romantic Venus ending its retrograde in your intimacy zone on December 29, which will make it even easier to get a read on not only what you want in your heart of hearts — but what you can do to fulfill those desires.   


Since December 21, your focus has been heavily on your closest one-on-one bonds, thanks to a party of planets in your partnership zone. And around January 2, when the new moon falls there, you'll have a sweet opportunity to set a big, bold, exciting goal tied to your relationships. If you're single, this could be a wonderful moment to envision your ideal S.O. and if you're attached, you'll be getting clear on how you want to work with your partner toward a shared goal or taking your commitment to the next level. Because the moon forms a sweet trine to game-changer Uranus in your networking zone, you may have thrilling realizations about group endeavors and platonic connections as well. The same day, communicator Mercury moves into your intimacy zone, intensifying your desire to tackle deep-rooted emotional topics through transformative thinking and discussion. When it goes retrograde there from January 14 to February 3, you'll have a unique opportunity to dig into productive self-work around old wounds.

Around January 17, when the full moon lands in your sign, you could be feeling particularly sensitive and in need of time away from your usual grind to care for your overall well-being. Because you often can't help but care for others' feelings above your own, this moment might be a wakeup call to prioritize your needs. As go-getter Mars moves into your partnership zone on January 24, where it'll remain until March 5, you'll get a blast of energy to tackle shared projects with your S.O., BFF, or business partner. And that cooperative vibe will be emphasized once more as the month nears its end, thanks to social Venus ending its retrograde in the same zone, clearing up any confusion or tension with a loved one, friend, or close colleague that's popped up since December 19.  


You're already two weeks into Capricorn season, during which the vitality-bringing sun, your ruler, moves through your wellness and daily routine zone. That said, you've probably been thinking about New Year's resolutions more than most people, hoping to bring a greater sense of organization, balance, and efficiency into your day-to-day. Around January 2, when the new moon falls there, hold your vision for the next six months in mind as you commit to taking pragmatic steps forward. If you need a little motivation, think about how you'd like to feel come July 13, when the full moon falls there, and you can look back on how much you've accomplished. That same day, the energy will start to shift, pulling your focus toward building on your bonds and working with others one-on-one, thanks to the planet of communication, Mercury, moving into your partnership sector. If you've been preparing to join forces with a colleague, your S.O., or a dear friend on a shared goal, this transit can be particularly supportive. 

Note that Mercury does go retrograde on January 14, moving backward through your partnership zone (until January 25) and then into your routine zone (until February 3), so you'll be encouraged to retrace your recent steps. While you could be initially frustrated by any delays, you could ultimately appreciate the opportunity to reflect, revise, and perfect your game plan. You'll get a boost from gung-ho Mars moving into your daily routine zone from January 24 to March 5, which should supply you with more energy for balance-boosting exercise and tackling your workload. And you'll breathe a sigh of relief when social Venus, which has been retrograde in that same zone since December 19, goes direct on January 29, offering you even more clarity around how you want to exert yourself to get ahead on everyday goals — and who precisely you want to be working alongside while you do it. 


For the past two weeks, Cap season has shed light on your desire to infuse your life with more fun, and around January 2, when the new moon falls in your self-expression and romance zone, you'll be intuitively getting the message that it's absolutely possible for you to do just that by taking a pragmatic glimpse at your priorities. By using this moment to not only set a related intention but streamline your responsibilities, use "no" as a full sentence, and genuinely embrace the fact that you deserve the occasional — or perhaps even more frequent — break can set you up for an even more fulfilling, pleasurable next six months. By July 13, when the full moon falls in the same zone, you could be looking back at all your progress and feeling so relieved you followed your heart. And the same day, communicator Mercury, your ruler, moves into your daily routine and wellness zone, allowing you to even more efficiently gather info and have conversations about what you need to boost productivity and a sense of inner balance and peace. 

From January 14 to February 3, Mercury will be retrograde, requiring you to reflect on previously started business related to your wellness, self-care, everyday hustle, and — once it shifts back into your romance zone on January 25 — that same theme of balancing joy and creativity with your responsibilities. Once sexy Mars lands in your romance zone on January 24, where it hangs until March 5, you'll enjoy a surge of flirtatious, fun-loving energy that will make it easier to prioritize your bliss and time between the sheets — with someone special or solo. And once romantic Venus ends its retrograde there on January 29, all the lessons you've been learning since December 19 about what you need to feel creatively and romantically fulfilled will start to pay off.


The holiday season may be all about hanging with family, but for you, that's especially the case, Libra, because the sun and other planets hanging in your home zone illuminates that area of your life. So the last couple of weeks have seen you asking questions about how you can best nurture your bonds with loved ones and foster your foundations and sense of security. Now, around January 2, you'll have a special opportunity to zero in on a related intention you want to work toward making a reality. Whether you've been thinking about saving up for a downpayment to buy your own place, working to heal a particular relationship, or address old wounds, you'll get the sense that taking significant steps to care for your inner life is paramount in this moment. The same day, messenger Mercury enters your romance zone, cranking up your desire and ability to express yourself artistically — and, in some cases, flirtatiously. And when it goes retrograde there from January 14 to 25, you might be fielding DMs from old flames and revisiting previously backburnered creative projects.

Around January 17, the full moon lands in your career zone, marking the culmination point of a professional endeavor you began about six months ago. You could be in your feelings about how far you've come — or, at least, you absolutely deserve to be. And if you're not quite where you had hoped, you'll have an opportunity to reflect and meditate on how to reimagine your path forward so that it proves even more fulfilling. You'll get a boost from your ruler, sweet Venus, ending its retrograde on January 29, finally moving forward in your home zone, which can set the wheels in motion on any relationship and security-related pursuits that have been stalled since December 19. 


Cap season always illuminates your communication zone, Scorpio, so you'll likely be feeling especially curious and social for the first half of the month. You want to make new connections, brainstorm, learn, and soak up new information — likely in an effort to position yourself for creatively gratifying opportunities. No matter what your ultimate vision is, you might benefit from doing a new moon ritual — or at the very least sharing what you want to accomplish with a trusted friend — around January 2 when the new moon falls in that same zone. Talking, writing, or more thoroughly thinking through what you're aiming for can set you up for the results you've been daydreaming about. The same day, messenger Mercury shifts into your home zone where it can inspire you to spend more time connecting with loved ones. Once it's retrograde there from January 14 to 25, you'll be more apt to take a microscope to your past to shed light on how you can lay the groundwork for your future. 

And just as you're working on your bearings, around January 18, the full moon illuminates your adventure zone, inspiring you to step out of what generally brings you a sense of comfort in order to explore what makes your heart race. By tuning into your intuition and craving for eye-opening experiences, then riding that wave of adrenaline, you'll be ready to make an emotionally satisfying move. You'll be energized once more by go-getter Mars shifting into your communication zone on January 24 where it'll be until March 5 and social Venus ending its retrograde there, too, on January 29 — both of which should fire up your social life and creative idea generation. 


Cap season's Saturnian vibes have brought your focus squarely to your bank account for the last couple of weeks, Sag, which isn't exactly the most festive or fun headspace. But hey, you're learning about setting better boundaries that could ultimately lead to being more efficient, valued, and delivering welcome results on the job. And around January 2, when the new moon lights up your money zone, you'll have the wind in your sails when it comes to setting pragmatic financial goals. Because the moon forms a harmonious trine to game-changer Uranus in your daily routine zone, you could also have something of an epiphany related to how you're going about your everyday tasks. It could be as simple as cutting out any projects that are no longer serving you or a creative strategy that feels downright revolutionary. Either way, you can trust your intuition to inspire productive intention-setting. The same day, messenger Mercury moves into your communication zone where it'll push forward until January 14, fueling research and lively conversations with everyone from your dearest friends to your colleagues. 

But you can anticipate being in your feelings and possibly feeling a bit more reserved around January 18 when the full moon falls in your intimacy zone. You'll be meditating on what brings you the greatest sense of comfort in your closest relationships. It might be time to have a meaningful heart-to-heart with your partner or a dear friend. The tone will shift not that long after, though, as go-getter Mars slips into your money zone on January 24 — where it remains until March 5 — pulling your attention back to boosting cash flow. And on January 29, when social Venus ends its retrograde in the same sector, you'll find it'll be easier to tap your friends for support, whether you could use a referral for a new opportunity or a brainstorming buddy.  


Your season can feel like a delicate balancing act between doing your best to be in the moment and planning way ahead for the calculated, brilliant moves you want to make in the new year. But now that we've stepped fully into 2022, you'll feel like, yes, it's go time, and you can get all your ducks in a row to launch whatever passion project you've been batting around lately. Around January 2, when the new moon falls in your sign, you'll have your first opportunity to go big, planting seeds and making your first major moves. And because it forms a sweet trine to revolutionary Uranus in your self-expression zone, you'll be pumped to share your ideas with friends and loved ones — likely in a super-creative way. This social, artistic trend will continue as Venus in your sign forms a friendly sextile to dreamy Neptune in your communication zone on January 5, and then pairs up with the confident sun in your sign on January 8. 

Because messenger Mercury will kick off its retrograde in your money zone on January 14, hanging there until the 25th, you'll be reflecting on how you can be even more fulfilled — and feel even more valued — on the job. As it moves back into your sign from January 25 to February 3, your overall mission will morph into brushing up your personal brand and how you're presenting it to the world. Around January 18, the full moon lights up your partnership zone, marking a moment in which you'll want to strive to find common ground with your S.O., dearest friend, or a colleague with whom you're working closely. But not even that will feel like a lot of work as assertive Mars moves through your sign from January 24 to March 5, offering up a welcome dose of gung-ho energy you can channel into proactively addressing any challenge you're facing now. 


For the last couple of weeks, you've been going inward more than usual, given that Cap season is all about inner work for you. While the confident sun moves through your spirituality zone until January 19, you can't help but hit pause on the frenetic hustle of everyday life to rest, recharge, daydream, meditate, and step up your commitment to self-work like therapy. It's all for the greater good of prepping for your own season and hitting the ground running to get after your big picture personal goals. And you'll start to feel the urge to do just that as soon as January 2 when messenger Mercury moves into your sign, spurring more research and discussion related to your passion projects and how you're presenting them to others. However, forward movement could be stalled once it goes retrograde there on January 14, requiring you to do a little more information-gathering ahead of launching your ideas. 

Your wellness — mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical — will continue to be a focus this month. Around January 18, the full moon illuminates your routine zone, which could inspire you to shake up how you're caring for your well-being from day to day. Simply acknowledging just how much of an impact stress has on you holistically can be a wonderful step in and of itself, because you'll then be motivated to make moves to manage it differently. And speaking of motivation, because go-getter Mars will be in your spirituality zone from January 24 to March 5, you'll be determined to reflect on how you've been exerting your energy lately and pinpoint a pragmatic approach for cutting out any commitments that aren't in line with your big picture aims. And once romantic Venus ends its retrograde there on January 29, you'll feel like you're beginning to land on even more, deep-rooted insights that'll inform your next chapter — whenever you're ready to start it. 


Ever since December 21, the sun and several other planets' trips through your networking zone has turned your attention to your friendships and collegial connections, and that trend continues into the first couple of weeks of 2022. Around January 2, when the new moon falls there, you might want to set an exhilarating goal related to your team efforts. Because the moon forms a positive trine to electrifying Uranus, you could have an inventive breakthrough in the midst of an out of the blue brainstorm with friends or coworkers. The same day, messenger Mercury moves into your spirituality zone, which could bring a sleepy but peaceful vibe to your social life. You're going inward for a bit now, reflecting on what you want to achieve in the coming weeks and months. And while Mercury's retrograde there from January 14 to 25, you could be brushing up ideas that you had previously put on hold or tackling deep-rooted emotional wounds that have been holding you back from achieving your ultimate vision.  

Around January 18, the full moon illuminates your romance zone, urging you to put fun, pleasure, and everything that stimulates your creative soul front and center for a change. The lunar event serves as an important reminder that have the green light and the power to hit pause on work — including your emotional self-work — in order to take care of and enjoy yourself, especially alongside loved ones. Go-getter Mars slips into your networking zone on January 24, where it'll hang until March 5, reenergizing team efforts, and not long after, on January 29, social Venus ends its retrograde there, too. That said, you can rest assured that as we close out the first month of the year and move closer to your season, your VIPs will have your back. 

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