Mum spots ghostly figure in photo with her friends and she’s so spooked she can’t sleep

A MUM has been left convinced her flat is haunted after a ghost-like figure randomly popped up in the background of a photo she had taken with pals.

Rebecca Glassborow, 30, says she is now unable to sleep after spotting the creepy addition to the snap, after posing for photographs with six of her friends who live in the same block of flats.

Looking back at the picture, the group got a fright when they noticed there was what looks like another person standing behind them.

In the photo, a washed out ghost-like woman with dark hair can be seen hovering behind the group who are smiling and posing with drinks.

"It's a photo that sends a shiver down your spine – it's actually quite scary," the mum-of-one from Coventry said of the snap.

She added: "We were like, 'oh what's that?' – it was quite freaky. We were all a bit freaked out and looked around the room as if to say 'what could that have been?'"

After inspecting the flat and still left with no idea what could have caused the face-like mark, Rebecca says she's been having trouble sleeping and is convinced the block of flats could be haunted.

She'd previously heard a rumour that a woman had died in the bath of the flat where she and her friends had taken their group photo.

"We don't know what it is – a few of us have said we think it's a woman with long brown hair. There was literally nothing around us and it just appeared in photos – it was really weird," she explained.

"My neighbour who lives in this flat says 'well, you should be more afraid of the living than the dead' so she's got that motto, but I live above the flat and it goes through my head," Rebecca continued.

"I have thought while I've been in bed about dark figures being in the flat and coming into the bedroom."

Unable to shake that uneasy feeling, she said: "It has played on my mind a little bit in that way and has kept me up in the past."

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