My boobs are so tiny I run the Itty Bitty Committee… I hate when women complain about theirs, they’ve not seen mine | The Sun

SMALL, big, perky or droopy, boobs come in all shapes and sizes.

And one woman, who reckons she should be the CEO of the Itty Bitty Committee, has revealed she cannot stand when other women complain about their boobs.

Posting under the acronym @annamarq_, the mum took to Instagram where she said: ''No offence but when girls with B or C cups say that they have small boobs, I don't want to hear it.''

Posing in a figure-hugging crop top, Anna then showed her assets, hitting back: ''This is small boobs, okay?

''This is like a AA cup, alright?

''Have you ever seen or felt AA cup? Do you want to know what it's like?''

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The reality, she chuckled, is quite like touching a wall – it's flat.

''So you, B and C cup girls, you be grateful.''

But although Anna does joke about it now, it hasn't always been this way – for a long time, the mum used to struggle with accepting her natural built.

''My small toddies have been a big source of insecurity of mine for as long as I can remember since I was a kid.''

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Aged 20, Anna decided to go under the knife and get breast implants and although she was lucky enough to not have any symptoms of BII (breast implant illness) she got them removed nine years later.

''At the time, the breast implants that I got had a shelf life of roughly ten to 15 years.

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''So meaning after every ten to 15 years you either needed to replace or remove them,'' Anna explained, adding that after having them done she was 20 pounds heavier.

''They were a lot bigger on me because my frame is very small, I'm a petite women.

''I just didn't want them and I didn't want to be going under the knife every ten to 15 years.

''Like, I didn't want to be getting breast implant surgery whenwas 70-years-old.

''It's very taxing on the body and I had a really hard recovery with it, so I got them out because of that.''

Since then, Anna has grown to learn to embrace her body and now helps thousands of others with their body image, sharing positive quotes and relatable content online.

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