My dad was a famous 80s popstar, he gave us very unique baby names, everyone always says he took it too far | The Sun

A SON and daughter have taken to TikTok to reveal their very unique baby names – and people are loving the theme that links them. 

Lyric, known online as @lyricmedeiros, regularly shares life updates and entertaining videos with her 169,000 followers. 

In a new reel, she reveals that her parents named her Lyric and her brother Chord – and the reason behind their music-themed names is because their dad was a successful 80s popstar. 

Their dad, American singer Glenn Medeiros, was known for his cover of the song ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You’ which he released in 1987. 

The hit topped the charts in both Canada and the UK.  

During the seven-second video, she is seen reacting to the viral sound ‘I have this thing’. 


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Over the top of the video, she wrote: “Why did your parents name you Chord and Lyric?”

Below she added: “It all starts with the song, ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You!’ 

“This song allowed my dad to sell over 7M records and to tour to over 30 countries! We’re forever proud of our teen popstar dad!”

Fans loved the true story, with the video gaining more than 4,200 likes and 711,600 views. 

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In the comments, Lyric’s followers shared their reactions, with one writing: “Beautiful names.”

Another said: “I love the names! music related so apropro!”

A third wrote: “Those are the coolest names ever lol.”

But not all were fans, with one adding: "Lmao such tacky names."

Although some were more distracted by how much Chord looked like his dad in the 80s. 

One wrote: “Chord looks a lot like your dad back in the day!”

Someone else put: “Your dad said copy and pasted seriously with u brother.”

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