My friend and I have 10 kids between us and took them to Toby Carvery to eat FREE – it costs £10 to feed 12 of us

TAKING your kids out for a meal when you have a large family can be expensive, but two mums revealed how they spent just £10 feeding their 10 kids between them.

TikTok user @emmanuttyjane said they took their kids to a Toby Carvery, which was running a deal that kids ate for free.

The mum wrote: “When we got 10 kids between us so we take them to Toby Carvery Kids Eat Free.

“Cost 10 pounds to feed 12 of us.”

Currently the offer isn’t active, but Toby Carvery has run a number of deals for discounted kids meals in the past.

Previously, the roast dinner chain was offering £1 kids meals when you purchased an adult main meal or breakfast.

Many people were highly impressed at the mums’ money-saving hack, with one saying: “Good idea.”

One pointed out: “It’s only one free kid per adult”, to which the mum replied: “It is now. It wasn’t when we went.”

Toby Carvery isn’t the only chain to offer deals for families, as Sizzling Pubs are currently serving £1 kids meals for every adult meal bought.

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