My sister thought it’d be fun to try the kids’ slide at soft play but now she’ll remember it for all the wrong reasons | The Sun

A WOMAN has gone viral after a video of her trying out a kids’ slide sent the internet into meltdown. 

Sue Lewis and her sister were at a soft play centre with their kids when her sibling got the idea to go down the bumpy slide that all the little kids were enjoying.

So Sue got her camera out to film the moment, knowing it would be something she’d like to look back on.

But what happened next left her – and other social media users – in absolute hysterics. 

In the footage captured by Sue, whose TikTok profile is @misunderstoodsue, two little kids can be seen going down the slide.

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The pair of little girls are seen screaming as they go over the bumps and fly down to the bottom.

Her sister is in the next line-up of people to go down, as she gets onto it with two children next to her.

Sue then urges her to lie down flat so that she will go down faster.

Her sister does as Sue has suggested and then uses the purple bar above her head to push herself off.

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And while things get off to a flying start, it’s not long until the lady begins to understand why the slide is strictly for children. 

She reaches the first bump in the slide and comes to a complete stand still. 

And, as the children go past her and straight to the bottom, she remains stuck in place, as her sister breaks down in a fit of giggles. 

Eventually, the woman shuffles her body down and she moves – but the same thing happens again when she reaches the next bump.

And her family can’t control their laughter as they rush to help her down safely to the bottom. 

Sue then wrote in the caption: “My sister is gonna kill me for this video but I must post it – please blow it up.”

She added: “Sorry sister!! But the video is hilarious.” 

And her followers definitely listened as, as soon as it was posted, it steadily started gaining likes.

Next thing, the like count had reached over 1.4 million, with almost 10k people rushing to comment. 

One person wrote: “I screamed so LOUD!” As a second said: “Noooooo. This is giving Charlie and the Chocolate Factory vibe where that boy got stuck in the tube.” 

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While a third typed: “I’m laughing so hard right now.” 

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