People are only just realising the right way to get an avocado seed out without a knife – and it takes just seconds | The Sun

A MUM has shared a super easy hack to remove the seed from an avocado – and all you need is one simple step.

TikTokker took to social media to post a video explaining the trick.

After cutting it in half, simply push the seed out by pressing down on the back of the avo – it should pop right out.

This genius method doesn't even require a knife, making it even safer to use.

The mum's 149,600 TikTok followers loved her trick, with one fan commenting: "Thanks!!! I have been karate chopping that pit with a knife for years!!"

Another was shocked at the simplicity of the handy hack, saying: "What the heck. I'm so disappointed in myself rn."

There's a whole host of other avo hacks you can use in your kitchen.

It's been revealed that the knife you use to slice an avocado could even stop it from going bad.

The essential brunch food is super versatile too – millennials are known for loving their smashed avo toast.

Keep up with other top tips for the kitchen, like this microwave-friendly recipe for the perfect poached egg.

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