PSA: if you’re doing these 3 things, you may ruin your swimsuit forever

Written by Naomi May

Swimwear care is simple: all you need to do is take note of this trio of things you’re probably doing to your favourite piece that may well ruin it forever.

You’d be forgiven for assuming that once you’ve snapped up your favourite piece of swimwear, that’s it: it’s ready and raring to go forever more.

You’d be sorely mistaken for assuming that, though. Think of all of the swimming, sweating and sand-cavorting you do in your swimwear, and that might just nudge you to the conclusion that they need more care than we’ve ever really given them credit for.

“There are a few common things that reduce the lifespan of your swimwear that will cause the colours to fade and the fabric to lose its stretchiness,” says Steamery’s co-founder Frej Lewenhaupt. “Suddenly your swimsuit only lasts for one summer season.”

If you’re scratching your head wondering what on earth you’ve been doing to reduce the lifespan of your swimwear, then keep reading for a guide on the best way to wash and care for your swimwear. You’re welcome.

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“The most common things that will harm swimwear are exposure to sun, chlorine and saltwater. Additionally, SPF can cause yellowish stains on your clothes and swimwear and washing it too often – especially machine washing – causes clothing to tear,” says Lewenhaupt, who recommends that you wait 30 minutes after applying SPF before stepping into your swimwear.  

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Once you’ve avoided the hazard zone, how then to care for your swimwear? Lewenhaupt recommends rinsing swimwear carefully in cold water after every use to rinse out saltwater and chlorine. To dry swimwear, hang it inside-out in the shade to preserve as much of its colour as possible and be cautious when washing. If you do prefer washing, reach for a gentle detergent (Steamery’s Odor Control is a great option) that you use to hand wash with and leave to dry naturally.

There you have it: swimwear care made simple and straightforward, meaning that you can focus on having the best summer of your life.

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