Rahul Mishra Couture Fall 2021

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Through his signature 3D embroideries, Rahul Mishra channeled memories of visiting Santorini, Greece, with his wife and young daughter. The island’s white buildings and azure-colored domed roofs and doors, lush bougainvillea and vast skyscape appear on the intricately conceived fashion.

“I had a dream about being curious and being able to travel again,” the designer explained.

The last time he took a holiday was in 2019, to Santorini. His then 4-year-old observed: “The sky looks like a big dome.”

Rahul Mishra Couture Fall 2021

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For his collection, Mishra didn’t set out to recreate Santorini like on a postcard, but as an idea “with round edges.” He also had in mind the five elements.

To represent earth, Mishra embroidered Santorini’s buildings, fitted together on garments like Legos, but with an airy effect. On one dress, the images cascaded down the many layers, for instance. Water was referenced with shimmery surfaces, jar-like shapes and layers of tulle.

“My daughter thought Santorini looks like a giant bubble,” Mishra said.

Bubble shapes and expansive volumes appeared everywhere, built with gauzy fabrics encircling the garments decorated with the island’s motifs.

The film to present the collection was shot in a black box and was meant to feel like a dream. For most on set, it was their first work since India shut down from COVID-19.

“It was like a ritual [for] gaining a bit of strength,” Mishra said. “Sometimes you just need these reasons to celebrate life.”


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