Rich House, Poor House single mum drowning in debt breaks down in tears as millionaire couple offer her a lifeline

A SINGLE mum who was drowning in debt broke down in tears after a millionaire couple helped her change her life around.

Mum-of-one Nadine Hill starred on Channel 5's Rich House, Poor House in 2019, where she was gobsmacked after swapping lives with wealthy Katy and Paul, who have a weekly budget of £1,800.

At the time, Nadine was a struggling hairdresser and relied on benefits to make ends meet.

When she met up with Katy on the show, she was gobsmacked after the mum-of-three offered to mentor her for two years and train her how to do permanent make-up.

In an episode that aired last night, Nadine appeared on Rich House, Poor House Changed My Life and said the generous couple transformed her life after just a year.

As well as helping her launch her own salon, Katy and Paul have supported Nadine in tackling her debt.

When they had stayed in her modest inner city in Portsmouth, they had stumbled up her mountain of bills, and encouraged her to call each company individually to arrange a payment plan.

Nadine is now completely out of debt and on her way to building a successful business.

Paul even surprised Nadine with a brand spanking new website for her beauty business.

The single mum fought back tears, saying: "You've literally upped my game now for me.”

Speaking on how Rich House, Poor House changed her life, she said: "I felt trapped before when I didn’t have much money.

"Rich House, Poor House changed my life massively because I’m out of debt now, I’ve got a new career and I’m so grateful and I’m so excited for the future.”

Katy said the show has also had a positive influence on her life, and said she was previously suffering with Imposter Syndrome.

She believes helping Nadine has made her realise she is deserving of her success.

Katy said: “You were broken and I was broken, and we fixed each other”, and Nadine answered: "The only way is up now!"

Rich House, Poor House Changed My Life airs Sundays at 9pm on Channel 5.

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