Savvy woman shares how she organises her fridge for the week ahead & people think she’s solved the cost of living crisis

A WOMAN has been praised for appearing to solve the cost of the living crisis with her VERY organised fridge.

She took to her You Do You account on TikTok to share her fridge hack, which was quickly praised as "genius" by people in the comments section.

In the video, she was seen organising the contents of her fridge into clear, plastic containers.

Each had a day written on the front and a post it containing the name of the meal she was due to make.

Recipes included salmon melt, cheesy meatballs, red curry and fried cod.

In each container, she then put all the ingredients she needed to make the recipes – including dried and canned goods.

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She then put all the containers back into the fridge, so her whole week was set.

"What do you do after work on Friday?" she captioned the video.

She was quickly praised by others for her clever hack, with one writing: "Oooo my gooood… *saves,follows,likes*."

"Omg… this is genius," another added.

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"Like hello fresh but done yourself! I struggle with meal ideas, though."

"Cost of living crisis hello fresh!" a third wrote.

"Love it ! Immediately copying genius."

"Omg that’s a brilliant idea, defo doing this," another added.

While someone else commented: "Fab idea, I now need to by a bigger fridge."

"This is a fantastic idea! Sorry but I’m defs borrowing it! Thank you," another comment read.

As another person called it the "best fridge hack I've seen yet".

However, other people insisted that she shouldn't put cans in the fridge.

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"No! Don’t put cans in the fridge babe!!" one wrote.

To which someone else replied: "Only a problem when opened."

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