Tattoo lover’s ‘home inking’ of a dagger and butterflies goes viral for a very awkward reason

A TATTOO is a huge commitment to an image, word or symbol but this person's at-home attempt went badly wrong.

The woman had her tattoo hopes shot down when she got something completely different to what she expected, permanently on her skin.

The unfortunate looking inking was shared to Reddit, where fans weighed in on the questionable image.

Alongside: "Posted in my “Weird art group” as a serious attempt of tattooing oneself. Was supposed to be a dagger through a butterfly."

Commenters had various interpretations of the artwork, saying: "Welp that definitely looks like a penis…"


"..and two matching gonads," added another.

Many also saw the regrettable genitalia similarities, saying: "Or legs spread with weird feet and a c*** with very long balls."

Other crude interpretations were: "Looks like vagina, with a bar piercing."

A clueless viewer said: "I can’t tell what that is, other than part of it is definitely a penis."

One fan of the tattoo completely ignored what it was supposed to be and simply said what they saw, exclaiming: "I love this tattoo of a penis! Awesome!"

Another wrote that the hideous tattoo could be easily covered up.

Tattooing can be dangerous and should not be attempted at home – maybe this attempt shows you just one of the reasons why.

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