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YOU might think you’ve got the type of man you’d like to date down to a tee… but now there’s a brand new category to bear in mind. 

So next time you’re asked what your dream guy is like, think long and hard – could the Alpha Alpha be your perfect match? 

For as long as we’ve been watching rom-coms, women have known that there are several “types” of men.

Of course, there’s the classic Alpha, a charming, high-flying strong-willed leader who most of us have been wined and dined by – and then often burnt by, amounting to their “bad boy” reputation. 

Next, there’s the Beta, who is known for being much more grounded, gentle and kind. If Alpha’s are the man you want to enjoy a night to remember with, Betas are husband material. 

Other common categories include the Gama – thought of as the life and soul of the party – the loyal and competent Delta, and the creative and independent Zeta.

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While the usual male personality types are completed by two more – the witty and wise Sigma and intelligent but introverted Omega.

However, according to social media, there’s another type of man that’s making his way through the crowd – the double Alpha, aka Alpha Alpha.

A TikTok trend

This has become a hot topic on TikTok, Instagram and podcasts, with many women making the phrase go viral. 

According to one TikToker, who was posted on the account @Undefeated, Alpha Alpha’s are emerging from the pack, and ready to keep you on your toes – and she's all for it.

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She said: “Women need someone better than them – smarter than them, fitter than them, bigger than them, more inspiring than them, more successful than them,

“Otherwise, where’s the attraction? I’m asking, maybe some women don’t mind – but I mind.

“I need to be inspired by the guy, otherwise I’ll eat them for breakfast.

“I also need someone to handle me and only an Alpha, or double Alpha, can do that.” 

But what’s this new type of man all about? And how’s it going to affect your love life? 

Here, relationship expert Annabelle Knight lifts the lid on the Alpha Alpha’s key traits, how to spot one – and whether you could keep them in check, or they would turn your life upside down. 

What is an Alpha Alpha?

First things first – what is an Alpha Alpha? 

Annabelle says: “An ‘Alpha Alpha’ is similar to an Alpha but a more extreme version. 

“An Alpha male will exhibit behaviours usually thought of as being dominating and will have a certain physical aesthetic that lends itself to what masculinity was traditionally thought of.”

But it’s not just about first appearances, as the relationship expert says they could well be thought of as the ‘whole package.’ 

Think of Alpha Alpha’s as the men that Alpha males look up to, or wish to be like

“An Alpha Alpha will also be smart. It isn’t enough to look good and act the part, an Alpha Alpha will likely be someone who appears to have it all. 

“Think of Alpha Alpha’s as the men that Alpha males look up to, or wish to be like. 

“The Alpha Alpha adds a new level to the hierarchy and in some circles will be seen as being the ‘ultimate man’.” 

How do you spot one in a club?

The relationship pro went on to share how you could spot an Alpha Alpha while out for friends with drinks or dinner – and it turns out there’s some clear tell-tale signs. 

She reveals: “Alpha Alpha’s will usually stand out as they will be the ones their friends and peers look up to. 

“Alpha Alpha’s like to be well groomed, but not overly so.”

But it’s not just about what they’re wearing – Annabel continues that you should also look at how they interact with other people.

She explains: “Aside from how they look you may also notice them for how they behave. 

“Alpha Alpha’s are often found to be the centre of attention and can often ‘hold court’ in social situations.”

Alpha Alpha’s are often found to be the centre of attention and can often ‘hold court’ in social situations

What type of female character makes a good match for them?

Is this all sounding very appealing to you? Now’s the time to find out if you’re compatible in the world of love.

Annabel maintains: “Women with similar traits would be a good match for an Alpha Alpha. 

“Confidence, ambition and being emotionally stable will be traits that women who tend to find themselves attracted to Alpha Alpha’s will have. 

“This helps to ensure that a strong connection is made and that the relationship starts off on an equal footing.” 

What are the red flags about dating an Alpha Alpha?

If the double Alpha is someone you’d like to get to know romantically, Annabel has a word of warning.

She explains: “While a relationship with an Alpha Alpha could be very rewarding there are some red flags to watch out for. 

“Alpha Alpha’s want to make their partner feel special but sometimes confuse the best way to do this. 

“This could result in them throwing money at the situation instead of stopping, listening and talking.”

This can translate as being emotionally selfish and definitely not something that makes a happy and healthy relationship

But that’s far from their only red flag – yes, they really were too good to be true.

She adds: “Alpha Alpha’s may have a tough time being vulnerable with another person, without vulnerability there can never be a true emotional connection – this is definitely something to look out for. 

“And, finally, Alpha Alpha’s can have a tendency to put their needs, wants and desires first – this can translate as being emotionally selfish and definitely not something that makes a happy and healthy relationship.”

Celebrity Alpha Alphas

Annabelle has her say on the famous faces that tick all the boxes

Bear Grylls – Good looks and an athletic physique make Bear an Alpha, his Bachelor's degree and ability to speak three languages solidify his Alpha Alpha status.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Hollywood career? Check. Twice elected official? Check. Entrepreneurial businessman? Check. His success at everything he turns his hands to makes Arnold a classic Alpha Alpha.

Gerard Butler – Fit as a fiddle, handsome and successful – certainly the traits of an Alpha male. However, it’s his law degree and extensive charity work that push him into Alpha Alpha territory.

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Survivalist and TV presenter Bear Grylls combines adventure and brainsCredit: Sani Resort
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