The signs Ant McPartlin & Anne-Marie Corbett are a perfect match, from mirroring sexually to being a stand-in Dec

ANT McPartlin is engaged to Anne-Marie Corbett after popping the question on Christmas Eve, and the couple looks like the picture of happiness. 

Body language expert Judi James has revealed the secret signs that prove the lovebirds are the perfect match. 

The I'm A Celeb star got down on one knee on Christmas Eve with a ring he designed and chose himself.

A friend told The Sun: "Ant has been planning this for some time – but wanted to make sure the moment was just right.”

The happy couple told family and friends including Ant's best pal, Declan Donnelly, over the festive period – and Judi said there numerous signs that show they are very compatible.

Here the secret signals that reveal the couple are meant for each other…

She’s a “tiger mum”

In 2017, Anne-Marie became the TV presenter's personal assistant, having worked at the same London-based management company as Ali Astall, Dec Donnelly’s wife, for ten years.

Although things were platonic initially, a spark soon grew between Anne-Marie and Ant and they were first seen together as a couple in 2018. 

Judi said that some of their earliest pictures together show that Anne-Marie is “fiercely protective” over the “vulnerable” TV star. 

She said: “Anne-Marie sits upright, fronting the cameras out wearing an expression of grim-faced determination, appearing to take over control and leadership at a time that Ant badly needed it.

“This style of complementary matching and role-reversal under pressure can show the kind of flexibility that makes for a solid, long-term relationship.”

She’s his ‘stand-in Dec’ 

Ant and Anne-Marie were spotted Christmas shopping in December 2018, and the I’m a Celeb host appeared to be roaring with laughter – similar to how he does with TV partner Dec. 

Judi said: “Ant’s lifelong partnership and friendship with Dec forms a blue-print of the kind of friendship formula that works for both of them. 

“With Ant in what looks like full naughty-schoolboy comic mode here, laughing with his mouth wide open, Anne-Marie puts her hands in her pockets and smiles in gestures of the same kind of respect and appreciation that Ant and Dec show to one another as they swap straight-guy/funny guy mode during their act. 

“It can be easy to bump up against a partner’s closest relationship and even feel threatened by it but Anne-Marie’s mimicry of Dec’s role with Ant suggests a like-minded approach.”

They mirror each other sexually

The couple love to walk their dogs together, and was spotted getting cosy on a walk in March 2019.

Judi said: “This PDA is both sweet and sexy at the same time and two factors emphasise the physical compatibility of the couple: Firstly, their choreography. 

“Kissing like this using mouths but not otherwise touching is difficult, suggesting the pair are in tune physically as well as mentally. 

“Secondly it’s their matching styles of movement. They mirror one another here in a gesture that looks playful and cute as well as loving.”

They use ‘tie-sign touches’

Ant was seen putting a loving arm round Anne-Marie as they enjoyed a day out at Wimbledon in 2019. 

Judi said that Anne-Marie “takes the lead in socialising” in the show and “Ant communicates silently via a touch signal that suggests encouragement and appreciation.”

She added: “Subtle tie-sign touches like this keep a couple in contact and are a better sign of a strong relationship than more over-the-top PDAs.”

Got Dec’s seal of approval

Ant's long-term co-star, Dec, and his wife Ali are understood to be "thrilled" for the couple, with the 45-year-old expected to act as Best Man when they wed.

Anne-Marie and Ant were pictured with Dec in November 2019 and the trio looked relaxed. 

Judi even said that Ant and Anne-Marie looked “broody” as they gazed at Dec’s child who was being pushed in a pram.

She explained: “Often it’s one of a couple who turns soppily broody whenever there’s a baby around but both Ant and Anne-Marie look equally smitten as they gaze down into the pram at Dec’s small child.

“Their facial expressions look identical, suggesting a very like-minded approach to starting a family.”

They are intellectual engaged

The couple were pictured the day after his divorce to ex-wife and make-up artist Lisa Armstrong was finalised.

Judi said that Ant may be the star, but he shows “signals of active, undistracted listening when Anne-Marie speak.”

She explained that he even steps away slightly to “study her face and hang on her every word.”

Judi added: “This suggests she is the centre of his world, and clearly the little dog agrees as he looks equally fascinated. 

“Face-watching like this also suggests a desire to study and monitor the emotions of the person you are in love with.”

The look of love is twinned 

The happy couple were spotted taking their two dogs – Maltipoos, Milo and Brumble – for a walk in the new year after getting engaged. 

Judi said: “You can forget all the hugging, hand-holding and kissing from celebrity couples, the subtler but far more powerful signal of authentic love and compatibility is the facial muscle-softening expressions both Ant and Anne-Marie are wearing here as they gaze into one another’s eyes. 

“Famously called ‘The look of love’. It’s a look people in love don’t perform to anyone else and it can make their features almost unrecognisable.”

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Meanwhile, Declan Donnelly said to be ‘thrilled’ as Ant McPartlin proposes to Anne-Marie Corbett and wants him to be Best Man at their wedding.

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