There are two animals in this picture so which do YOU see first? It says loads about your personality

OPTICAL illusions have kept us on our toes for centuries.

They can be fun and frustrating, depending on how long you stare at them.

But this rabbit-duck illusion has been fooling viewers for years.

What you see first can actually reveal a lot about your personality.

Psychologist Richard Wiseman did a controlled test to find out how what we see in the picture links to our personality traits.

He found that people who can see both the the rabbit and the duck were more creative.

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However if you are unable to flick between the two images with ease it says something very different about you.

If you can only see one animal and can't easily switch between the two, you're probably more logical.

You might be able to see both if you tilt your head, or move the paper, but you're still not as naturally creative as the first group.

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Which one are you?

Try showing the picture to your friends to see what type of person they are.

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