These $30 Workout Shorts Are Going Viral on TikTok, and They're the Best Pair I Own

Unfortunately, sometimes, when I really, really think about it, I'm a walking stereotype. For someone who often wears things upside down or inside out, patterns of all different colors, and pearl stickers underneath my eyes, you may wonder what stereotype that could possibly be. And to that I would say: Native New Yorker, who frequently wears loafers to go hiking (true story) and doesn't understand the word "casual" (in my opinion, it's subjective). Think of it like this: Hey, I'm walking here — in platform Mary Jane shoes. 

That being said, workout clothing has never been my forte. Which is ironic because I did grow up playing soccer and running track at my high school in the Bronx. Samba shoes and workout shorts were my religion. I often wore them with pearl necklaces — but then again, what do you expect from someone who went to school in NYC when the original Gossip Girl came out? Blair Waldorf could never. (She also probably wouldn't want to, but that's besides the point.)  

Since then, I haven't found a pair of athletic shorts I truly loved. I held onto those pairs from my high school days for years, but they're too worn to actually wear out. Insert FP Movement's $30 Way Home shorts, shorts so comfortable, flattering, and perfect in every sense of the word, I now own three pairs. All different colors of course, and they come in over 27 different colors, so I still have more options for my next purchase. 

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I think the reason I love them so much is because they remind me of playing soccer and walking around in the city after practice, still feeling cute in my uniform. The Way Home shorts somehow perfectly encapsulate that athletic-but-cute vibe that's hard to pin down. They essentially do what only Sporty Spice could do, which would explain the nearly 600 five-star reviews on Free People's site. They're iconic, and could also absolutely be included in a girl band photoshoot in the near future. 

Plus, they even came pretty close to playing a starring role in RushTok, the internet's latest obsession. For the last week or so, thousands of people watched on TikTok as girls from the University of Alabama did fit checks for their sorority rush. Many of them actually wore the Way Home shorts, which would explain why they're now selling out so incredibly fast. Y'all, this is no joke. 

Essentially, these shorts have the range. They appeal to me, an adult from NYC who calls nature, "The Nature," and 19-year-old Southern sorority girls everywhere. Not to mention FP Movement is also a line beloved by celebrities like Selena Gomez. If you buy a pair, it'll all make sense. Because whenever I put these shorts on, they're so comfortable I forget I'm wearing them. And they're so flattering I actually want to wear them everywhere and anywhere. 

These shorts are also how I ended up doing "The Nature" activities in Colorado, where I rode a horse, did yoga, and hiked, all while wearing appropriate attire. The Way Home shorts played a starring role, and for once I felt like I wasn't going to die while doing activity not remotely located near concrete. Am I currently pursuing FP Movement's Adventure shop for more hiking outdoors-y uniforms? Maybe. And is getting more excited about the clothes than the physical activities very stereotypically New York of me? Totally. 

Shop the best-selling FP Movement way-home shorts below.

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