Trolls accuse me of giving my daughter a 'boy’s name' & slate my choice – but I don’t care | The Sun

CHOOSING a name for your baby is arguably one of the most difficult decisions involved in being a parent.

However, one woman has been forced to defend her tot's moniker, after trolls accused her of choosing a boy's name for her daughter.

Camille Munday took to TikTok to join in the trend using Meghan Trainor's song Title.

The video began with a comment from a troll flashing up, which read: "Lennon is a boy’s name."

As Camille cradled her newborn, she then blew a kiss and patted it on Lennon's bottom as Meghan sang "Kiss my ass goodbye".

"To people who don’t like my daughter’s name," she wrote in the video.

In the previous video revealing she'd called her tot Lennon Camille Munday, somebody wrote: "I’m confused. Lennon, is that a girls name, I have always thought that was a Boys name."



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"You're giving her a boys name the worlds gone mad, I dont think she will thank you for it," someone else commented.

"It's an adorable name any bad vibes can get off her page," another person countered.

However, on the most recent video responding to the backlash, the majority of the comments were positive.

"I only know girls with that name. I love it," someone wrote, while another added: "I love her name and she is an absolute doll."

"She's beautiful and her name is beautiful, peeps should stop interfering in your life did I mention how cute she is," another person commented.

Someone else explained that the name Lennon means "lover" in English/Irish origin.

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