Watch as I returned home to find idiot driver in my £80 a month parking space – I left a note and got ultimate revenge | The Sun

A DRIVER who returned home to find an idiot motorist parked in her space got the ultimate revenge by blocking them in.

TikTok user Jesika explained how she forks out £80 a month for the space at her apartment complex – only to come home one day and find another driver parked in it.

She captioned the video: "If you live in an apartment complex, DON'T PARK IN OTHER PEOPLE'S PAID PARKING SPACES!"

Jesika said she got home from a workout at the gym and found her space in use – so she decided to take matters into her own hands and slap a note on the vehicle.

She explained: "I just got home from the gym to find someone has taken it upon themselves to use my park their vehicle in my parking space.

"Because I don't want to park in someone else's parking space, I have decided to park my car behind their car.

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"And I left a note on their car that says, 'hi, this is my phone number, you can call me when you are ready to get out of this parking garage because you have taken it upon yourself to park in my parking space that I pay $100 a month for."

"I could just be a b***h and get their car towed but this is way more funny and entertaining."

The next day, she went to get her car to head out for lunch and found the car was still in her spot.

She called up the manager of the apartment complex and asked them to run a check on the number plate to see if the owner lived in the building.

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And she agreed to leave it for one more day to see if the driver would get the message and move their car.

In a third instalment of the ongoing saga, she said: "Sorry to disappoint everyone, but the fun ends here.

"I'm going to pick up my best friend from the airport right now… the car is gone.

"There will be no fun video of the tow truck driver pulling it out of the garage."

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