We bought a dated 1970’s bungalow and transformed it on paternity leave – people said we were mad but it looks amazing | The Sun

A NEW mum has revealed how she and her other half transformed a dated 1970s bungalow into an amazing family home.

The woman, called Roisin, explained that the couple decided to do the renovation while on their parental leave.

In a post, the DIY fan explained: "When we were pregnant with our first baby we bought this 60-year-old country cottage with plans to renovate it during our parental leave.

"Everybody told us we were crazy."

The mum-of-one continued: "Once we had adjusted to life as new parents, we packed up our two dogs and pretty much moved out to the country for a few months to work on the house."

The throwback footage – often with a pram in the background – shows them sanding the floor, painting the walls and decorating the space.


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She added: "We got there in the end, and now that our baby is older and approaching one I look back on this footage and think there is absolutely no way we could do this with a toddler."

Her post has received more than 68,000 'likes' and over 2,500 messages.

One person wrote: "Well done, team. Looks beautiful!"

Another commented: "My god this is gorgeous."

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Roisin said there was no way they could have done the work with a toddler in towCredit: tiktok/@geebungalow
TikTok users loved the finished resultCredit: tiktok/@geebungalow

A third shared: "This is the most beautiful reno I've seen on here! Looks fresh and new but still absolutely of it's time. You've NAILED it!"

And a fourth added: "Wow, looks unbelievable. Love it. Well done."

Many fellow social media users also particularly praised the original flooring, which the couple had brought back to life.

One person asked: "The floors are beautiful! Did you have any idea they were under the carpet when you bought it!?"

Another noted: "Those floors."

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