I was completely baffled after finding 6ft pole cemented into my driveway – no one knows how it got there | The Sun

A HOMEOWNER was left baffled when she found a 6ft pole cemented into her driveway.

The bizarre object sent New Zealander Sophie Hucker on a wild goose chase with no one claiming responsibility for the metal rod.

The mystery began on Tuesday when the woman returned home from a day of teaching only to find the plastic-wrapped eyesore obstructing her parking space.

She told the Bay of Plenty Times: "I thought maybe the neighbours ordered something – maybe it's a pole for a basketball hoop."

However, when the Tauranga woman tried to move it – the pole didn't budge.

She added: "I saw and said 'oh s***' it's cemented in."


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Sophie's next guess was that her neighbour could have ordered it to build a carport and the tradesman had got the wrong home.

She also reportedly contacted Tauranga City Council who knew nothing of the matter.

With no avail, she decided to leave a note on the pole with her phone number that read: "I have no idea what this is doing here – please call me."

She added: "I've got no answers.

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"My current conclusion is that some tradies made a big stuff-up and just left it, which is annoying and random.

"It's not even round to swing around on."

The pole isn't completely blocking the entry to her home, however, Sophie admitted the unwanted object had caused her grief.

She has since taken to Facebook to see if any locals could shed some light.

However, it only sparked a jovial debate.

"Have you called the pole-ice," a Facebook user said.

"I find this post offensive, can you please remove it," one added.

Despite the jokes, Sophie pleaded for the original gift-bearer to reclaim the pole.

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She said: "You've provided a lot of entertainment value for everyone, but can you please come and get rid of it.

"I do not need that pole."

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