Woman lands dream job as JD Sports dancer… but gets savaged by trolls saying she 'gives them the ick'


A JD Sports dancer was slammed after posting a video of herself dancing in store – commenters said they’d never go into the shop if she was dancing in there.

The dancer posted the video, saying how much she enjoyed her work, but viewers said dancing in store would give them the ick and they’d rather shop somewhere else.

Dancer and Tiktok user Chantel said: “We perform in store and choose whatever trainers and outfit we want that’s in that store. 

“We then do a performance every hour for ten minutes. It’s such a fun day and it’s my job.”

The clip quickly racked up 2.4 million views, and commenters weren’t keen on the idea of a dance performance being part of their shopping trip.

“I dunno why this is giving me the ick for JD, the dancing is good but in a shop…”, wrote one viewer.

“Last thing I want is someone knocking shapes out as I try and pick a tracksuit”, said another unimpressed commenter, while a third agreed: “If I saw that it would definitely put me off going in”

A fourth added: “No wonder people shop online now. People cannot be a**ed with this when they just wanna shop.”

Some viewers, however, rushed to Chantel’s defence.

One wrote: “CAN YALL STOP HATING. As a fellow dancer it’s her job to promote the store when they open! It’s always busy and people come in when we dance.”

“Why are people commenting about how this would stop them from wanting to shop like she came up with the idea… she’s just doing her job, chill”, another agreed.

“Would never have the confidence for this! Unreal girl”, said one impressed viewer, and a second added: “She’s actually really good!”

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