Woman left shrieking and in tears after sexy dress she ordered online leaves her ‘looking like a tablecloth’

FINDING the perfect date night dress is always a challenge. You want the right amount of sauce without giving too much away.

One woman thought she'd found the ideal sexy silk mini, when she ordered the green dress online, but quickly realised she'd made a mistake.

A TikToker, who goes by the name Not Kyliee Jenner, uploaded a video of herself with the dress of her dreams.

She showcased the stunning silk mini dress with a cowl neck while shaking her head.

The woman then displayed what she actually got, which was a boxy and shapeless green strappy dress that went down past her knees.

Fellow TikTokers couldn't believe the difference between the two pictures.

One said: "Girl, they literally sent you a cut table cloth."

Another said: "I was like 'aint gonna be that bad because some people are extra' but sis that is HORRID."

A third added: "You could have made what you got from grandma's curtains."

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