Stars are getting shamed for losing weight, having hot bods

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Celebrities who were once mocked for being overweight are now being shamed for dropping pounds.

Hollywood has long championed weight loss, but it’s also now promoting body positivity, and the two messages make for very strange bedfellows. Whether they’re fat, thin or somewhere in between, stars are increasingly finding they can’t please everyone. Have a look.


The 33-year-old Grammy winner is famous for her empowering lyrics and message of self love.

In May 2020, she posted a video giving herself a pep talk in the mirror. “Who told you you could be so cute? Who?” she said to herself.

But in December 2020, she posted videos showing herself doing a detox with various juices, and came under fire. She defended herself on Instagram saying: “I detoxed my body and I’m still fat.”

More recently, Lizzo has been working out and eating a vegan diet — and showing off the results.

i used to look at old pics of myself when I hated my body & say “I was so fine back then!”.. now I appreciate ALL OF ME in the moment no matter what!

In a TikTok posted in February, Lizzo put up a side-by-side of her before beginning her health journey versus now, and tried to keep the haters at bay.

“Both girls are happy,” she said. “That’s the most important part about your lifestyle and loving your body. Shaming people does not make a difference. Loving people for who they are does.”

Ashley Graham

The plus-size model, 33, is known for her curves and recently took to Instagram to promote self love. “Love the skin you’re in,” Graham, who gave birth to a son in 2020, captioned a post featuring her nude, with stretch marks on display.

Fans were quick to shower her with praise in the comments, but Graham has also been on the receiving end of hateful messages about her body.

In 2016, she posted a seemingly slimmer snap on Instagram and was shamed.

“Why are you changing yourself? I thought you were comfortable being yourself and being plus size?” wrote one commenter.

Graham hit back, saying that nothing is ever enough for people, but “at the end of the day I’m good enough for me.”

Rebel Wilson

The “Pitch Perfect” actress started a heavily documented fitness journey in 2020 that she dubbed “the year of health.” She’s since lost some 60 pounds, but her slimmer physique has been met with mixed reviews.

She opened up in an interview earlier this year about how people treat her differently now.

“Sometimes being bigger, people didn’t necessarily look twice at you. And now that I’m in a good shape, like, people offer to carry my groceries to the car and hold doors open,” she said on “The Morning Crew with Hughesy, Ed and Erin.”

But, critics have called her weight loss “toxic and depressing” and a symptom of Hollywood’s fatphobia.


Long known for having both a big voice and a larger physique, the 33-year-old shocked fans in May 2020 with an Instagram post displaying a dramatic weight loss. Some celebrated her transformation, while others were troubled by it and even went so far as to call her a sellout.

“Celebrating Adele’s weight loss is a garbage thing to do for a million reasons,” writer Audra Williams wrote on Twitter. “It tells your fat friends you think their bodies are a problem to be solved.”

“Please stop saying Adele had a ‘glow up,’” wrote another Twitter user. “We have no idea what her health was/is like and this is just reinforcing the ‘skinny ideal’ or the concept that the skinnier you get the prettier you get.”

Adele has refrained from much discussion of her body, but when she hosted “Saturday Night Live” in October 2020, she made light of the situation. “I know I look really, really different since you last saw me,” she quipped. “But actually because of all the COVID restrictions and the travel bans, I had to travel light and I could only bring half of me, and this is the half I chose.”

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