Woman makes hilarious discovery about ‘complicated’ jumpsuit she’s been wearing all wrong for four years

A WOMAN is mortified after realising she’s been wearing a jumpsuit as a top – for four years. 

Madison, from the US, admitted she always found the outfit ‘complicated’ to put on, revealing she always put both her thighs through just one leg hole. 

To her horror she only just found out she’d been wearing the floral romper wrong for years, sharing snaps of herself in the ‘top’ – with one leg hole hanging at her side. 

Madison’s pal shared her hilarious fashion faux pas to TikTok, as she said: “I have had this top for like OVER 4 YEARS and I am JUST NOW realising that it is NOT a top, it is ROMPER.”

Madison shared a snap of herself from Christmas Eve 2017 – illustrating how she wore the jumpsuit as just a top. 

Madison continued: “I have worn it SEVERAL times as a TOP. 

“It always bugged me how complicated it was to put on and how it never made any sense and now I freaking know why. 

“I just put it through ONE of the leg holes. That I didn’t know were LEG HOLES. 

“I thought it was one of those flowy side-swept tops. FOUR YEARS.” 

Her confused pal was in stitches, as she asked if one of the leg holes was simply ‘hanging at the side’ – to which a mortified Madison replied yes. 

And Madison even shared a shocked snap of herself finally wearing the jumpsuit as intended – with both legs in each hole. 

Her gaffe has racked up nearly two million views, with people calling her hilarious mistake ‘relatable’.

One person said: "I like it better as a top anyway, Madison."

Another commented: "Still trying to figure out how you wore it as a top."

A third wrote: "I just love how relatable this is."

This person thought: "4 years Madison?? It never occurred to you?"

Another admitted: "I have also done this. Why do they make some of the leg holes so open and flowy? Lol."

While someone else added: "Her face in the first picture you can still see the shock."

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