Woman shares easy way she gets rid of ‘fake tan palm’ – and it takes virtually no scrubbing

LET’S admit it – we’ve all been too lazy to rinse off the fake tanning mousse and woken up the following morning with the infamous patchy brown hands at least once.

Despite how vigorously we scrub – to the point where our skin becomes red and irritated – the stubborn mess just wouldn’t come off.

No more – as a TikTok user has shared the easy way of making your hands return to normal.

Grace Nicoll, from Scotland, is an avid fake tan user and definitely knows what she’s doing.

In her video, titled “How to remove fake tan from your hands. BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!’’, the radio presenter uses Fairy washing up liquid and applies it on her dark hands.


 “Try not to lather it up,’’ suggests the radio presenter,  “Make it almost this gel.’’

Next step, according to Grace, is getting a damp cloth: “Give it a good scrub in up and down motions, and you will see it will start to come off slightly.’’

This won’t give you an instant fix – you do have to repeat the action a few times – but she insists:  “Look at my nice, clean hands! Trust the process!’’

“Give your hands a wee rinse and a dry-off,'' demonstrates the award-winning presenter, “And you should be good to go!''

“LIFE SAVER THANK YOU,'' a fellow fake tan fan left a comment.

We will definitely stock up on Fairy this weekend!

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