Woman stuns with glow-up after losing 12st – and people are amazed when she shares what she eats every day

A WOMAN has shown off her incredible transformation after dropping a massive 12st – without giving up chocolate, biscuits cake or pasta.

22-year-old Mia Dunn used to weigh 22.6st (144kg) and wore an XXL, or size 26 – but she's managed to loose half her body weight in just three years.

Mia details her weight loss journey in a series of clips on TikTok and peoplecan't believe how good she looks – not to mention being shocked by what she actually eatsin a day.

In Mia's very first video she shares a compilation of clips showing her at her biggest before revealing a very different looking version of herself, and the difference is incredible.

While a range of fruits and vegetables make up the bulk of Mia's everyday diet, she's not afraid to indulge in her favourite treats.

This means scoffing down pizza and pasta whenever she wants, while snacking on biscuits and sweets between meals which still allow her to maintain her current weight.



Mia proves that being healthy doesn't mean eating boring foods as she clearly demonstrates in her video series 'What I eat in a day'.

No two days are the same either, and people are shocked to learn what her day-on-a-plate looks like.

Most days she appears to eat her first meal at around 11am or midday, but this might be different for everybody.

The meal is often boiled eggs on toast or even a crispy bacon and egg roll, before enjoying a tea and some chocolate or cake.

Lunch could be anything from a huge bread roll filled with chicken and salad to a pack of prawn gyozas or pasta.

Some crisps even making an appearance throughout the day in one clip, along with a sweet donought or some biscuits.

"Everything you eat looks so delicious," one person remarked.

With another adding: "I love how it's balanced food."

I love how it's balanced food.

Replying to someone who asked how she managed to lose the weight, Mia said that she "cut down my portion sizes massively" but didn't skimp on tasty food.

Many people said her story is "inspiring" and were desperate to learn more about what she eats on a regular basis – and maintaining balance is key.

She also noted that she focused on exercise as well, which helped her reach her target weight.

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