Aldi is selling long hot water bottles that are perfect for winter snuggles

Things are getting chilly in the UK so there's no better time to reach for that hot water bottle.

Although hot water bottles aren't anything new, Aldi supermarket is selling one that reaches a little further.

The bottle holds up to one 1L of water and it measures a whopping 58cm in length.

It comes with a removable knitted cover in either cream or grey and it's perfect for soothing aches and pains.

Sadly it's already sold out online but it will be available in stores from this Thursday (January 21).

The budget-friendly retailer is offering its version of the popular product for just £6.49.

In the description on Aldi's website, it read: "Snuggle up this cosy knit Grey Long Hot Water Bottle, perfect for those freezing nights!

"Whether you are snuggling down on the sofa or want to warm up your bed before sleep, this is perfect for keeping you toasty."

A previous version of the Aldi hot water bottle has received rave reviews.

One wrote: "At first I thought that I had made a mistake as it only holds a litre of water and is quite narrow."

The customer added: "But I was wrong it's perfect to use for your back, stomach and neck."

In other Aldi news, the supermarket has launched a huge mum and baby event with prices starting at 99p.

Discounted clothing, furniture, toys and accessories will all be up for grabs during the incredible promotion.

Customers can pre-order now if they want to make sure to get something specific.

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