Charli D'Amelio Isn't Sure If There Will Be a Second Season of Her Family's Reality Show (Exclusive)

The 17-year-old revealed she “definitely” relies on therapists to help her deal with hate from trolls.

Charli D’Amelio isn’t sure if season two of her new reality TV show will be in the cards.

Heading out of LAX with her co-stars/family, the 17-year-old said she was “not sure yet” if she and her family would be committing to another round of “The D’Amelio Show.”

The Hulu series mainly focuses on the day-to-day life of Charli and big sis Dixie D’Amelio, 20, and their struggle to balance school, social media fame and — hardest of all — internet haters.

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Both sisters get candid on the show about how their massive social media presence also leads to constant criticism from others, criticism that sometimes has a negative affect on them both.

Charlie said how she deals with internet “trolls” and haters “depends on the day,” but admitted she “definitely” seeks professional help when the judgement of strangers online gets to be too much.

While trolls are ubiquitous online, Charli also said she didn’t get as much hate as some might have expected after her recent debut on Time’s Next 100 list — with a blurb by Jennifer Lopez, no less.

“I did not, the reaction was actually super sweet,” she insisted. “Everyone was really nice.”

The teen has been open about seeking mental health services, as well as her failure to find the right therapist on the reality show.

In episode seven of “The D’Amelio Show,” Charli shared a bad experience she had in therapy where she spoke to a therapist about her inability to grapple with fame and the criticism it comes with. Ultimately, her therapist was unable to comprehend the depth of her problems due to the fact that his daughter was a fan of Charli’s social media persona.

“I think it’s weird to bring up that I shouldn’t be upset and I’m not allowed to be upset because your daughter’s a fan and she should make me happy,” she confessed on the show. “I appreciate your daughter but she’s not going to help a chemical imbalance in my brain.”

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Charli isn’t the only D’Amelio who’s broken down about the constant backlash and hate she receives online daily.

Dixie has also been very open about how she’s been able to deal with the pressure of needing to appear perfect at all times.

When the 19-year-old received a myriad of hate comments targeting her appearance after a photo of herself leaving the gym after a workout surfaced online she cried to her parents.

“This just makes me feel like I don’t deserve anything,” she admitted. “I’m trying to do everything I can to better myself and it just gets worse.”

While she would not confirm a second season of “The D’Amelio Show”, the family appeared to be preparing to shoot something in France… something they couldn’t talk about!

“The D’Amelio Show” is an eight part series available on Hulu.

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