"Charlie Bit My Finger" Becomes NFT, Sells For Nearly $1 Million

The “Charlie bit my finger” YouTube video is making history again, this time for becoming an NFT worth almost $1 million.

According to CNN, the popular video was auctioned off as a non-fungible token (NFT) this past Sunday. The clip earned a whopping $760,999. Now that it’s an NFT, the video will be deleted from YouTube. In fact, the title of the clip on YouTube has been changed to reflect it imminent deletion. “Charlie bit my finger – again! – On May 23rd this video will be removed from YouTube :)” it reads.

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The publication notes that it was an intense bidding war, which started on Saturday and ended the following day. Several anonymous accounts vied for rights to the video. An account called “3fmusic” eventually won the auction, though “mememaster” came in a close second.

The video was originally posted on May 22, 2007. Over fourteen years later, it’s become the most viewed (and meme-able) video on the social media platform, having garnered over 883,000,000 videos in the decade-and-a-half it lived on the Internet. It amassed over 2.3 million likes, though the comments have been shut off.

The clip features two brothers, toddler Harry and baby Charlie. In the video, the baby can be seen gently biting his big brother’s finger a number of times, which motivates increasingly adorable responses from Harry. “And that really hurt, Charlie. It’s still hurting,” Harry could be heard saying at the end of the clip while Charlie giggles.

The video was originally posted by the Davies-Carr family, who’ve named the channel HDCYT. It features 390,000 subscribers. While the family previously shared vlog-style videos and funny clips from their personal lives, the channel has been largely inactive in recent years, though most of the original videos remain.

NFTs have been increasing in popularity recently. Just last month, the women who inspired the “Disaster girl” meme sold the rights to the photo for a cool $425,000, which she says will go towards paying student loans. The decade-old meme features the girl, as a child, staringly creepily into the camera as a house fire rages in the background (her father later confirmed it was not a real fire; rather, firefighters were practicing training in the abandoned home).

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) refer to a digital asset that can be traded on the blockchain. They can include art, collectibles, GIFs, and memes, but once they become an NFT, they’re a unique verifiable asset. This means they cannot be replaced with something else, creating authenticity and rarity around the item, thereby increasing its monetary value. Other NFTs that have sold for high prices recently include “Leave Britney Alone,” “David After Dentist,” and “Nyan Cat,” Business Insider confirms.

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