Couple behind super cringeworthy 'love surge' trend hit back at trolls

Married couple behind ‘disgustingly cringeworthy’ dating trend hit out at ‘shocking’ backlash they’ve faced since going viral: ‘People want terrible things to happen to us’

  • Couple bullied over cringeworthy love video
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The couple behind TikTok’s most cringeworthy dating trend, the ‘love surge’, have revealed the touching reason behind the ‘strange’ romantic habit.

Speaking on the Today Show Lilianna Wilde revealed love surges started with her dad who was a tow truck driver and spent ‘days on the road’ at a time.

‘He was kind of first on the scene for some really tragic accidents,’ she said.

‘So when he came home he was just really grateful that he still had his family.’

This lead to the father giving Lilianna, her brother and mum huge squeezes which he nicknamed ‘love squeezes’.

‘I just brought that into my relationship with Sean,’ she said.

‘I don’t know how we came up with love surge , but when we just feel so grateful for each other we gotta get it out.’ 

In the viral video, which has been seen over 7million times, her partner Sean Kolar is seen buzzing in the background before showing off the love surge.

The couple said they don’t ‘love surge’ in public.

‘We usually do it after a long day, after coming home when we haven’t seen each other in a while and we are just excited to give each other a little bit of love,’ Sean said.

They also described how the conversation around the video went from light and funny to concerning.

The couple revealed how the comments on the video went from funny to disturbing 

‘It was really kind of shocking to see that strangers, like, wanted something terrible to happen to us because of this,’ Lilianna said.

The popular TikTok couple admitted the idea of vibrating with love may be ‘cringey’ and too ‘couplie’ for many but couldn’t wait to share it with their fans anyway.

Unfortunately their video, which shows Sean buzzing behind his wife before latching on and vibrating to ‘release’ the energy, caught the attention of cruel trolls.

Their twisted comments left Lilianna in tears and calling for kindness. 

The original video begins with Lilianna smiling into the camera and explaining what a love surge is. 

When Lilianna Wilde and Sean Kolar have too much love flowing through their bodies they connect in a ‘love surge’

‘We do this when one of us has so much love in our limbs that we can’t contain it and feel like we are going to explode,’ she said.

Then directed attention to her partner buzzing in the background.   

‘Sean is having a love surge right now and he is going to wrap around me and shake with the electricity of love until I catch it too and start shaking and then you explode with love surge,’ she said.

About 33,000 people commented on the ‘love surge’ – and most of them were cruel. 

‘It’s funny because I’m getting the complete opposite of a love surge watching this,’ said another.

‘I miss the person I was 10 seconds ago,’ one person wrote.

They also admitted they don’t ‘love surge’ in public

‘If this is love then I don’t want it,’ said another. 

Others revealed the idea of a love surge gave them the ‘ick’. 

‘This video made me consider breaking up with my boyfriend just to make sure I never risk experiencing a love surge,’ one woman said.

‘Time to invest in a love surge protector,’ said another.

‘I love my husband like nothing else on this planet but if he ever tried this with me…’ added another.

While some commented to tell the couple to consider ‘having secrets’. 

Some joked they should have heeded the warning on the video, which Lilianna enjoyed.

‘And yet you still chose to swim through the cringe canal,’ she laughed.

But it was the violent comments calling for the couple to break up, have affairs or be involved in domestic violence which appeared too much for Lilianna.

Unfortunately their video, which shows Sean buzzing behind his wife before latching on and vibrating to ‘release’ the energy, caught the attention of cruel trolls

She faced the camera in tears in a follow up video.

‘I didn’t expect like that much hate on the video a lot of the duet stitches were funny I can take a joke and I can laugh at myself,’ she cried.

‘But then some of the comments got clearly really mean and they were like wishing that someone cheated on each other or wishing like DV on me.  

‘If the goal was to make me sad you won.’

i’m so sorry we are like this lol but we can’t help it 😭♥️✨ @Sean Kolar #marriagehumor #marriagecomedy #husbandwife #husbandwifecomedy #husbandsoftiktok #couplecomedy #couple #husband #wife #couplestiktok

She clarified that the ‘stitched’ content that made fun of her husband wasn’t the problem, just the cruel comments.

People stood up for her in the teary video.

‘People hating on you for the love surge are just mad because they don’t have someone that loves them like that for real.’

Lilianna said ‘everyone deserves a love surge’.

‘Then they would know how sweet it is,’ she said.

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