My Mum, Your Dad fans beg Monique to switch Martin M for Martin as Jess left in tears

My Mum, Your Dad viewers were left begging Monique not to ditch Martin in favour of Martin M, who is a self-proclaimed flirt and cheeky chappy during the latest episode on Monday, September 18.

As Monique shared her emotions with Martin M on Davina McCall's new reality dating series for single parents in their 40s and 50s, she explained that despite initially having a connection with newcomer Martin, she couldn't pretend she wasn't more drawn to the tall blonde.

Heartbroken for her dad, Martin's daughter Jess couldn't hide her upset over the twist and she ended up bursting into tears.

As the other kids tried to console her, Jess explained that she just knew how much pain and heartbroken her dad had been through in the past and it was incredibly hard to watch Monique pass him by.

As Jess continued to struggle with Monique's decision, Martin shared his fears with some of the other hopefuls in garden of the Retreat, as he wondered how his journey was going to continue.

Eventually, Monique took Martin for a chat as she explained that she had more chemistry with Martin M following his entrance.

In true gentleman fashion, Martin said she didn't need to feel guilty or worried, and they already had the makings of a good friendship.

But viewers weren't happy, as one person tweeted: "Martin H and his daughter are making me so sad omg bless them #mymumyourdad."

"Awww poor Martin H hope Monique sees sense!! #mymumyourdad" another wrote.

A third fan said: "Awww so sorry for Jess and Martin And well said Tollulah…Martin should talk to the other ladies #mymumyourdad."

While a fourth person noted: "I can’t cope with OG Martin. He looks so sad #mymumyourdad," followed by: "Oh my god I’m feeling teary like Martin M is my dad."

"Oh no x Jess x it’s so painful to see your Dad in pain x and he does deserve to be happy x he’s an amazing man @MyMumYourDadUK #mymumyourdad," host Davina also shared.

"Can't be sacking off Martin H Monique, he's the one it's simple as that #mymumyourdad," another fan insisted.

Later on, the plot thickened as despite Monique deciding to pursue Martin M, he then took Tollulah for a chat and the pair shared a steamy kiss out in the garden.

"He needs to figure it out. Indecisiveness is not a good look," Monique's daughter Taiya shared frustratedly.

Time will tell if Martin M will continue to get to know a number of women in the Retreat or if he'll finally settle and decide who he wants.

My Mum, Your Dad continues every night this week at 9pm on ITV

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