Curvy model called ‘obese’ by vile trolls becomes body positivity icon

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A curvy model who is trolled online has refused to let them win – and now she is a body positivity role model for women online.

Sophie Hughes modelled as a size six from the ages of 15 to 25 but struggled with disordered eating for years.

After she had liver surgery to save her nephew's life and gained weight at 27, she became a curve model and managed to repair her relationship with food.

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Sophie spoke exclusively to Daily Star about her best tips for body positivity and how to ignore haters.

“For me, my Instagram is a way of giving back. I struggled with disordered eating for years and years, I used food as punishment,” she revealed.

“Food was 95% of my daily thoughts, it absolutely consumed me. There was never a meal that I wasn't so conscious of what I was eating and feeling guilty about. I really, really suffered for years.

“If I look back at that young woman, I never in a million years would have believed that I would come as far as I have and be able to inspire other people, nor could I imagine that I’d be happy, confident and genuinely feel positive things about my body.”

Sophie, from the UK, is no stranger to trolling, as she’s been called “obese” and told she’s promoting an unhealthy body image.

She doesn’t let the haters get to her and has shared her tips on how others can focus on themselves.

The 31-year-old also wants to give back and help people on their body acceptance journey like others have done for her.

“I think you have to really understand that you're only on here once, this is what just changed my perspective on everything,” she said.

“You are so much more than the way you look and the body that you're in. And if you make it your mission to know love and accept the body you’re in, then that has to be the goal.

“It takes work every day as you do have to commit to the journey of loving your body but it is worth it every single day because on the other side of it is just so much freedom.”

Sophie recommends curating your social media so that you don’t feel negatively influenced or compare yourself to others.

She suggested unfollowing or muting people who don’t positively inspire you and following people that make you feel uplifted.

Sophie added: “When people say social media is really negatively impacting them, I just say that they're doing it wrong because my social media is beautiful.

“If I do spend 10 minutes scrolling, it uplifts me, and it makes me feel incredible because I'm following people who really inspire me in whatever way that may be.”

Sophie wants to be a positive role model for women

The model hopes that they eventually will be stocked with other retailers and she'd like to eventually land in Europe and America.

“For me, the brand is about being at the forefront and leading the way on all of the things I just spoke about in terms of diversity and making sure that we keep that as our spearhead,” she explained.

“I always want to be ahead on that. We really want to redefine beauty and what it means to be a skincare company because I think a skincare company normally is about perfect skin. And I don't really believe in perfect skin.

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