Dogs and their owners review eight aesthetically pleasing dog bowls

If you’ve carefully curated every inch of your home, the last thing you want is your dog’s dinnerware ruining the look.

Luckily, the days of boring bowls are over, with a whole host of delightful dishes available to buy for our beloved furballs (who we’re sure care about our décor as much as we do…).

Check out eight of the cutest bowls we found, reviewed on looks, functionality and value.

Palm print pet bowl set, Eleanor Bowmer and sunset palm pet bowl mat, Eleanor Bowmer

Tested by: Poppy, 10-year-old Cockapoo from Bucks

The lack of sunshine in the UK is the perfect excuse to add some tropical vibes to your home, and this beautiful ceramic bowl set by designer and illustrator Eleanor Bowmer does just that.

There aren’t many cute pet place mats on the market so we were happy to discover this one – keeps the house clean while looking good? Winner.

The bowls hold a good amount of food and water, are easy to hand wash, and stayed in place while Poppy was eating, so they’re pretty good value. You can even buy a matching oven glove, tea towel and apron. We’re sold.

Buy the bowl set for £24.95 and the mat for £9.95

Ceramic dog bowl for long ears, Pets at Home

Tested by: Franco, one-year-old Cocker Spaniel from London

Now Franco is a bit of a fancy floof, having reviewed Shangri-La The Shard’s dog staycation for us, so he has pretty high standards.

The bowl is designed with high walls and a narrow opening, so long-eared dogs like Franco can keep their ears clean, and it definitely served its purpose – no mess!

It also slowed down his eating, which is always a win. This would make a great water bowl too, to prevent mess.

Franco’s owners were initially concerned he was going to get his head stuck as it went quite far in the bowl (he didn’t), but Franco didn’t seem to mind.

While the bowl is fairly heavy and doesn’t move around when full, Franco was able to push it around when it was almost empty, so it could do with some non-slip pads on the bottom.

The bowl is handwash only and surprisingly easy to clean as the mouth is wide enough to get your scrubber in. However, some of the bowl’s coating came off onto Franco’s head.

Overall, the bowl is pretty good value for £10 (and would also make a great plant pot…).

Buy the bowl for £10

Printed bamboo bowls, Beco

Tested by: Harry, four-year-old Chihuahua from Liverpool

Ethical pet brand Beco isn’t just a go-to for eco-friendly toys and poo bags – it makes food bowls too.

These ones have the feel of lightweight plastic bowls but are made from bamboo fibres, blended with rice husks (a by-product of rice farming).

Harry’s owner chose the small bowls, which are perfect for smaller dogs and hold more than enough food for a Chihuahua.

The bowls looks great (and come in other designs) and feel high quality. Harry’s human says they’re durable and seem like they’ll last a long time. Great value at only £7.99 each.

Buy the bowls for £7.99 each

Rosewood hammered copper pet bowl, Wilko

Tested by: Lilly, 11-year-old Labrador Golden Retriever cross from Newcastle

Despite being light, the bowl has a rubber ring on the base to stop it sliding across the tiles, though Lilly did manage to move it when it was almost empty.

The bowl was super easy to wash and dried quickly too (plus points as we hate drying up).

Lilly’s owner loved the hammered copper effect, as it was different from the usual plain metal offerings.

The only issue Lilly’s human had with the bowl was that she usually microwaves Lilly’s food – as it was metal, she had to heat it up in another bowl, or add hot water, so bear this in mind if you usually microwave your dog’s dinner.

Overall, fantastic value.

Buy the bowl for £4

Archie marble pet bowl, Made

Tested by: Wizard, one-year-old Whippet from London

If you want to get fancy with your dog’s feeds then look no further than this marble bowl from purveyors of fine interiors, Made.

This bowl also comes in a larger size, so you can use one for food and one for water. Our tester chose the smaller version, which is perfect for her 17.5kg Whippet’s raw food, but she suggests getting the larger one if you feed your dog kibble.

The bowl is incredibly heavy (it needs to be held with two hands), which is perfect if your dog has a habit of pushing its bowl around the floor when eating.

If used as a water bowl, the marble keeps the contents cool, even on warmer days (y’know, those three hot days we get a year?).

It would be expensive if you got the set, but so long as you don’t drop them from a great height, the bowls should last you years, and they look hella cute.

Buy the bowl for £38

Hing pod dog bowl,

Tested by: Mickey, eight-year-old Jack Russell cross from Stoke-on-Trent

This futuristic-looking bowl comes in a variety of colours, including white, pink orange and black, which we tested. Mickey was initially afraid of the bowl (!) but we’ve been informed that he’s a wimp and scared of everything.

Once he got over the terror of having such chic dinnerware, he got stuck in, and discovered it was a great size for his meals, and didn’t move around at all during feeding (the bowl has a non-slip bottom).

The metal bowl is removable from the base, so is super easy to clean. We think it’s a great bowl for the price. It would be nice to see more pastel colourways (the existing ones are all quite bold), as well as some patterned designs.

Buy the bowl for £9.99

Ceramic feeding bowl, William Morris at Home

Tested by: Jess, 13-year-old Jack Russell from Hertfordshire

This chic homeware brand is – as you might expect – inspired by the late artist and designer William Morris. The bowl gives off cool, vintage vibes and our tester’s owners loved it.

Jess is quite particular about what bowls she eats out of, but had no problem with this one – perhaps she’s a vintage dog at heart.

Despite being quite a boisterous little thing (shout out to all the Jack Russells in the house) she didn’t manage to push it around, though we reckon larger dogs might as it doesn’t have a non-slip base.

The bowl was easy to clean, and large enough that food didn’t spill over the edges.

Buy the bowl for £12

Gold-rimmed splatter print dog bowl set, Mason Cash

Tested by: Brownie, seven-year-old Thai ex-street dog from Dorset

Mason Cash is the lord of British petware – whose childhood hamster didn’t eat out of a brown mini Mason Cash bowl? While we love their OG bowls, we wanted to test out the modern versions, and this bowl set looks super cool in Brownie’s home.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, the bowls are functional – cleaning was easy and they didn’t move around when Brownie ate.

He also finished all his breakfast in one sitting for the first time using these, which his owners were pleased about.

The food bowl was the perfect size for Brownie’s food but his owners think a larger dog would need a bigger bowl (Brownie is 26kg, for reference). Overall, fantastic value at £16 for two.

Buy the set of bowls for £16

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