EastEnders’ Bobby Beale star Clay Milner Russell’s life off screen including cast member bromance

EastEnders fans will know Clay Milner Russell for his role as the fifth incarnation of Bobby Beale, replacing Eliot Carrington.

Bobby is the son of Ian and Laura Beale, the adoptive son of Jane Beale, brother of Peter and Lucy, the adoptive brother of Steven and foster brother of Cindy.

The character has been part of some of the show's biggest storylines.

In February 2015, it was revealed as part of the 30th anniversary celebrations that Bobby is his older sister Lucy's killer.

After being caught and doing time in prison, Bobby since has redeemed himself and has had storyline such as suicide attempts, converting to Islam, developing and struggling with OCD and entering a relationship with Dana Monroe.

The 24 year old keeps a low profile away from the soap. He doesn't use social media, and not much is known about his personal life.

However, one thing he is very open about is his close relationship with his co-star, Bobby Brazier, who plays Freddie Slater.

EastEnders fans have loved seeing Bobby and Freddie friendship develop this year.

As their bromance continues to develop on-screen, Bobby and Clay opened up about their relationship together off-screen, revealing that people behind the camera take note of their friendship and implement it into scenes with Bobby and Freddie.

Describing their close relationship, Bobby detailed working with his best pal, Clay.

He told The Metro: "It’s [the bromance] my second favourite thing about working at EastEnders."

‘"Second?" Clay questioned.

While Bobby responded: "Yeah. I’m a Slater! I love that so much."

Agreeing with his friend, Clay said: "To be fair, I’ve actually got to work with the Slaters through Bobby and that’s been a dream as well."

While Bobby joked about whether working with him is Clay’s favourite thing about working at the BBC One soap, he nodded in agreement when Clay said he how much he loves working with iconic Gillian Taylforth, who plays Kathy Beale.

Bobby added: "I just want to say, it’s great working with him but it’s very difficult at the same time because sometimes we’ll be doing serious scenes and he’s the funniest person I think I’ve ever met.

"He’ll do something that’s so subtly funny that just has me in bits and its game over. We try and recoup, I’m new to this whole acting thing so I’m trying to get emotional again, but I can’t stop laughing!"

Clay added that their on-screen bromance "doesn't feel like acting" as they're so close in real life.

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