Sonia's baby fears as she makes a confession to Whitney in EastEnders

Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) made a shock confession to Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) in recent EastEnders scenes after a confrontation with partner Reiss Colwell (Jonny Freeman).

After being left to spend a day alone with Reiss’ wife Debbie, Sonia wasn’t in the best of moods, though Reiss failed to pick up on the reasons why.

As they enjoyed a fry up at the café, Reiss praised her for making things with Debbie work, failing to pick up on the hints she was dropping about how unhappy she was.

Soon, Sonia realised she was going to have to address the issue outright.

Reiss pointed out that he had assumed her silent treatment of him was down to her hormones, she snapped that she didn’t want to sit with Debbie alone again.

However, his mention of her hormones left Sonia with a bitter taste in her mouth as she came to a realisation.

Later, Sonia sat down with Whitney, who was furious to learn that Reiss was now the one in a mood with Sonia.

As Whitney insisted that Sonia stand up for herself, Sonia dropped a bombshell.

She revealed that, after Reiss’ jibe about ‘womanly hormones’, she had checked her period tracking app and found that she was four days late.

Horrified, she explained to Whitney that she was never late, so she’d picked up a pregnancy testing stick from work.

In a state, Sonia revealed that she didn’t know what she wanted and was too scared to use the test and find out if her suspicions that she may be pregnant were true.

As Sonia panicked, insisting that she couldn’t be pregnant, Whitney tried her best to console her.

Are Sonia’s suspicions correct, and, if so, what will she choose to do?

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