Rescue dog with injuries ‘beyond repair’ given new lease of life

The tragic story of an abandoned dog who lost both her legs has gone viral on TikTok after a clip documented the pup’s incredible healing journey.

The female dog, named Bunny by her rescuers, had been abandoned by her owners before she fell victim to a horror car accident in Mexico, causing heartbreak among the TikTok community.

When she was discovered on the streets of Mexico earlier this year doctors were acutely aware that the injuries sustained to the back of her legs were irreparable.

Medics decided it was in Bunny’s best interest to have both her hind limbs amputated, but rescuers were determined to get the dog moving freely again.

With a little support from the online community, this wish came true.

In a clip that went viral with more than 1.4 million likes, TikToker @keepingfinn documented the exceptional transformation of Bunny, explaining: “Okay, so this has to be one of my favorite rescue stories of all time because it just keeps on getting better.

“[Bunny’s] injuries were beyond repair and required immediate surgery to remove both of her back legs,” explained the TikToker, who shares inspiring rescue stories with more than 736,000 followers.

He continued: “Thankfully she’s made a full recovery but of course now she needs a special wheelchair to get around on her own.”

The tragic story was quick to captivate attention on TikTok, with many extending their support and love to the puppy in the comments.

One person’s remark would make a lasting impact on Bunny’s life, however, after they wrote that she deserved the “Mercedes Benz of wheelchairs”.

“I thought it was a funny comment and of course, Bunny does deserve the absolute best,” explained @keepingfinn. “So I actually reached out to Mercedes Benz to share Bunny’s story and pitch them on the wheelchair idea.

“Not only did they freaking love it but they also agreed to hook Bunny up with a fresh set of wheels.”

Bunny, who was only recently introduced to her custom wheels by staff at Mercedes, took seconds to get used to the new apparatus.

The custom piece has revolutionized the way she moves around and plays, and Bunny is clearly excited to be turning her back to life on the streets.

Fortunately, the popular pup has also found an incredible support system in her online community, who have cheered her on with each step she takes.

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