Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for Thursday, September 14


Jobs that would exhaust most people will seem like child’s play to you. That’s why you get through so much so quickly. You will be ready for a break later and although it won’t be without some skilful bargaining, you should try to persuade housemates to make the evening hours relaxing.


Surround yourself with positive people who always make you feel uplifted. Although, by nature, you are someone who takes your responsibilities very seriously, today you just want to have some good old fashioned fun. Watch some funny movies, meet up with friends for a meal. Accept party invitations.


It will be your great sense of timing that allows you to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity. Social encounters will bring all sorts of exciting offers your way. Whether or not you are able to take advantage will depend on your family’s reaction to new plans and ideas.


A chance to gain new experiences through study, teaching or travel will fall into your lap. You’ve always had a great imagination but instead of dreaming of exciting adventures, this is your time to take action. Take the first steps and watch the magic happen.


Past irritations are now starting to disappear and this will leave you feeling immensely relieved and content. You’re in for some pleasant moments when it comes to romance and finances when some small and even not so small strokes of luck are possible.


You are focused on your goals, determined to succeed and intent on fulfilling your potential. It will feel incredibly satisfying to achieve a cherished aim. Even so, it may be necessary to accept some expert help. A joint effort will get the results you are hoping for.


Talks about a future holiday, wedding or family celebration will stir up pleasant feelings of anticipation. A relationship you had thought would likely go one way will show signs of going in another direction as friendship starts turning into romance.


It’s only sensible to pause and review your life every so often just to make sure you are where you are meant to be. Striking a healthier balance between work and play will pay off in an unexpected way when a friend brings you an exciting travel opportunity.


Your mind is on other matters and this could make you snap at someone who makes you lose your concentration. It will be important to clear up misunderstandings as they occur. Be willing to forgive and forget. Balance in all areas of life results in healing.

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You can’t ignore it when you sense someone is silently reaching out to you for some support. A partner or workmate feels overly burdened and they are hoping this will be noticed. Are you willing to put your own responsibilities to one side to help them out?


You’ve been doing your best to live up to a demanding colleague’s expectations. This has been exhausting. Don’t feel guilty about insisting on taking a break when you need one. Taking a few days off work will leave you feeling refreshed in mind, body and spirit. Your optimism will rise accordingly.


With your imagination working overtime you should be sure to jot down ideas as they occur to you. Are you single? Someone you meet at a sports event, concert or exercise class could lead you to start dreaming daring romantic dreams.

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