‘I had a near-death experience — the afterlife was like a cosmic orgasm’

A man who had a near-death experience has claimed what we think about death is "completely backwards" as he recalls the afterlife being like a "cosmic orgasm" where we live forever.

Bill Letson had been working as a firefighter in Santa Barbara, California in 1964 when a powerful flu epidemic was plaguing the area and he contracted the illness of a patient he'd helped.

Within days he became very sick and was rushed to hospital, where medics put him on IVs and gave him 11 litres of fluids.

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But when a nurse came in to administer two more types of drugs for nausea and pain, Bill suddenly keeled over and was taken to intensive care for the night — where something bizarre happened.

Recalling the incident in an appearance on Shaman Oaks' YouTube channel, Bill said: "At some point during that night, I left my body and I found myself flying through this star-filled realm."

As he hurtled through the realm, Bill remembered seeing "magnificent stars and orbs" all around him which he said were "so welcoming" and claimed all negative feelings vanished.

"All I felt was everything a human ever wants to feel. Just acceptance and love and joy and being held and all those things, all those negative things that we have about ourselves, they were gone. They were absolutely gone, things like anger and resentment or spite or jealousy. In my opinion, those emotions do not travel with us," he said.

He claimed death felt like a "cosmic orgasm" where the "vibration" is better than anything felt on earth.

Bill explained: "I was flying through this star-filled realm feeling absolutely ecstatic, like a cosmic orgasm. And it wasn't just an explosion, that was a full-time vibe, that is what we come from.

"We get glimpses of it here, when we score the winning touchdown or we get that job we wanted or get the girl you know and all these victories if you roll them all into one and times it by a million, that is your vibration."

Describing how he felt, he continued: "I'm cruising along and it was a cosmic orgasm, just continuous and I felt like I'd been released from a hot dark closet and I was this huge expanded cloud, a huge expanded balloon, it seemed like I went out forever."

Bill completely remembered his life back on Earth but revealed he had no desire to go back.

After flying through the star-filled realm Bill recalled how it suddenly changed and he landed in some sort of "facility or clinic" filled with gurneys and other equipment.

It was here that he was approached by three hooded beings who he said looked "exactly" like the beings in the movie Communion.

"The guys I saw they were in front of me, they had big smiles on their face and they had these dark hoods and squatty little bodies," he said.

Bill recalled how the beings began laughing about how he didn't remember them and said they were "giggling and bouncing around".

He also recalled a fourth being who was clearly in charge, adding: "He was this tall wispy guy and he had this incredible ecstatic smile, his eyes were open, his eyebrows were up and he had this wonderful smile and laugh."

The being came towards Bill and he felt an overwhelming surge of love.

"My throat just tightened and my chest expanded and I thought I was going to break down in uncontrollable crying from love. There was so much love pouring from this being that it was overwhelming it was paralyzing."

He described their relationship with each other as like a father and son.

Bill said he "loved" the beings he came across and started telling them about his life on Earth with his wife, believing he wouldn't be going back.

But he claims the beings never intended for him to stay, explaining: "Nobody was listening, they didn't care it was obvious that I was brought in there for a quick show and tell and I wasn't staying. It wasn't the end of my life and I was the only one in the room that didn't know that."

Eventually, the being in charge stepped towards Bill and told him: "You've got to back, you've got things to do and they're important."

Bill felt himself "slipping back", recalling how it felt like he was being "beamed out of there" but he soon found himself in a dark place.

"I dropped away into darkness. It wasn't a good place, it wasn't someplace you wanted to be. It was lonely and it was dismal and you didn't want to stay there," he said.

Then, he woke up in hospital.

Bill revealed he was initially "pissed" to be back on Earth and wanted to go back but says he's now learnt to embrace the time he has here before going back when he dies.

He claimed we're living an "illusion" here on Earth as he explained what he's learnt about death.

Bill said: "This thing we call death, we've got it completely backwards. It is a beautiful thing, it is a 10million% upgrade instantly.

"We have not lost anybody. They've slipped out of the physical and they've gone home and they're just a little further up the trail than we are right now but we'll see them again and everything is beyond fine for them."

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