‘I used social media for 14 hours a day – it made me so sick I thought I’d die’

An OnlyFans star using her phone for nearly 14 hours a day became so sick she couldn’t walk.

Fenella Fox , 29 from Worcester, England, is so successful on the subscription-based platform that she is on track to earn £1million.

She is in the top 1% of creators worldwide but says her job has been detrimental to her mental health.

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But her overuse of social media at the start of the pandemic made her sick – as looking at screens for 14 hours a day gave her severe vertigo and she couldn’t walk for months.

“My vertigo was so scary I had to take beta blockers because I got a heart problem from the stress! I honestly thought I was going to die. It was the scariest experience of my entire life," she exclusively told Daily Star.

“Suddenly not being able to walk is horrific and especially when all the doctors are telling you they don’t know what’s wrong! My GP in England suggested I quit my job and find another.

“My income took a huge dip which didn’t help with the stress but thankfully my parents were there to help me through everything.”

Fenella is an OnlyFans star who became a sensation online.

To capitalise off of people's interest in her, she was also running an Instagram and Twitter account as well as her OnlyFans, which all needed hours of her attention every day.

She's written books, as well as editing and posting photos and videos.

The social media sensation also takes the time to reply to comments she received from fans on each platform.

Before cutting back on her internet time, Fenella was also exchanging promotions with other models, taking part in online courses and continuously looking for the next place to live.

Eventually, she developed an awful neck ache and dizziness that sent her to bed early each night.

It wasn’t until she arrived in Portugal after the second UK lockdown that Fenella was suddenly unable to walk.

“I was terrified, I went to the hospital in Portugal and visited lots of doctors. I was given antibiotics and loads of other medicine to try. I lost count of how many doctors I saw and how much medicine I was given,” she shared.

“When I finally made it back to the UK I needed a wheelchair in the airport because I could not stand or walk without severe vertigo. It was an extremely distressing time for me.

“I now notice that 10 hours or more on my phone triggers vertigo.”

Vertigo meant that Fenella was unable to stand or walk easily and she would feel like she was about to fall.

She was living with her parents at the time as she couldn’t even shower or make herself food it had become so bad.

After more research, her father went on to discover something called cyber motion sickness.

“I was totally bedbound and of course without realising I was on my phone the whole time I was in bed,” she recalled.

Sadly, Fenella’s job as an OnlyFans creator means she has to spend a lot of time online.

To keep her income at around £444 a day she needs to post on Instagram, Twitter and OnlyFans daily and reply to messages or comments for at least 30 minutes on each platform every day.

The 29-year-old also posts on YouTube twice a week, with each video requiring five hours of editing. Thankfully she now has an editor who does that for her.

“During the lockdowns, my income was higher than it is now and a big reason behind that was because I was posting one to five videos a day on TikTok and doing daily promotion exchange with other models,” Fenella explained.

“Promotion exchange could take hours of searching and networking to set up as we have to find and message each other and sometimes take new photos that match the other model's vibe so we appeal to their fans.”

To make sure her health doesn’t take such a drastic turn again in the future, Fenella has made some changes to her lifestyle.

She has reduced the motion on all of her technology in a bid to help.

Fenella has employed people to help run some of her social media accounts and she stopped networking with other models, stopped using TikTok and majorly cut down her phone use.

She added: “I really hope to raise awareness on how over-use of technology can cause serious health problems.”


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