‘I was left with "uniboob" after 38J implant exploded – so I’m going natural’

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    An OnlyFans model who was kicked off a plane for her 38J boobs has declared she 'going back natural' after one of her huge implants popped.

    Mary Magdalene is well known for her heavily modified looks after spending £81,000 ($100,000 USD) on plastic surgery including a Brazilian butt lift, boob jobs, lip injections, veneers, nose jobs and even an eyebrow transplant.

    The busty star, who also claims to have the world's fattest vagina, took on the procedures over the last few years to achieve her desired look of a “blow-up doll”.

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    But now the 25-year-old, from Toronto, Canada, has had enough of her massive implants after one of them exploded.

    In her latest post, shared with her 162,000 followers on Instagram, she showed her followers that one of the implants had popped, leaving her with one larger than the other.

    She then explained in a video who posts under the username @1800leavemaryalone, wrote: “Hey you guys, so this is my boob now. So yeah basically my breast implant popped – again.

    “I’m having surgery to take them out next week. I’m going to go back natural in not only my boobs but other parts of my body too.”

    She also dubbed herself a "uni-boob queen" while taking selfies donning a burgundy crop top and thong and declared she was "embracing" it.

    The post has since gained over 12,000 likes as fans rushed to the comments to wish her well and tell her that her body is telling her to stop.

    One user commented: “I pray for a safe recovery.”

    “Please remove you’ll be in a lot less pain,” another user said.

    A third wrote: “Your body literally talking to you to stop.”

    “I say take them out… leave your body alone,” a fourth pleaded.

    The news comes after Mary was told she was being removed from the flight due to a refusal to listen to cabin crew, but she thinks it was 'discrimination' against her extreme look.

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    She’d paid $5,000 (£3,999) to fly to Dallas, in the United States, but claims cabin crew wouldn’t let her fly.

    Mary said that she made it through security, but was booted off the plane for wearing headphones and not listening to instructions.

    But, the plastic surgery addict believes that the expulsion was actually down to her appearance.


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