My neighbour leaves creepy threatening notes telling us not to park outside our own home – but police won’t do anything | The Sun

A DRIVER found a series of menacing notes from a neighbour on cars parked in his own front yard.

The furious man next door warned he had reported the motors to police and would be “looking into the place you are going to”.

The resident, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, posted pictures of two of the notes on a Reddit forum.

He said: “Guy lives next door printing these notices and placing them in windscreen of cars that parked in front yard.

“Old guy is running out of ink.”

He said he found three notes on the same day, and another day found some more with a different message.

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The letters are printed in large type using all capitals.

One said: “This is not a car yard so please remove the cars.

“Have spoken to Littles the agent will make an inspection.

“Cars … are all unroadworthy and the police are coming out to check them out.”

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The second letter appeared to include a creepy threat.

It said: “The car has been reported to police as un road worthyand will be looking into the place you are going to”.

The Reddit user said he is one of three people living at the house.

Between them they have four cars and a van – all legal and roadworthy – which are parked within the boundaries of his property.

The post attracted hundreds of comments from other users – with some accusing the letter writer of tresspass.

One said: “He’s creeping on to your property to put these notices on? That’s not cool.”

Another quoted part of the letter and said: “ ‘Will be looking into the place you’re going to’ bit odd mate.”

Others suggested ways to stop the neighbour's “creepy” behaviour.

“Put up a camera if he’s coming on your property,” one said.

Another suggested writing an official-looking letter of his own and posting it through the neighbour's letterbox.

The driver who received the notes later added an update saying he had been in touch with police.

He also said he would get a camera to catch the neighbour in the act.

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