‘I’m 48 – these anti-aging tips fixed my turkey neck and shaved 5 years off me’

A woman shared her secret to "reversed youth" and ways to get rid of her aging "turkey neck".

Cindy Currie, 48, was mistaken by her friends for using Botox to reduce wrinkles and improves sagginess on her skin.

But the influencer dedicated the improvement to the natural remedies.

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About five years ago, she noticed the wrinkles and a loss of firmness in the skin around her neck.

She turned her focus to wellness and face exercises.

In a TikTok video, she showed her ways to age gracefully: "There are four moves you can do.

"The first three moves, you wanna do it three times through each, 20 seconds each, okay?

"Put your chin up and I want you to say the word 'Yum' over and over again. You're gonna start feeling it in your neck right away.

"The second move you're gonna do, you're gonna put your fist under your chin and provide resistance against your jaw as you open and close your mouth, ready?

"The third move is you're gonna put your chin up again and you're going to put the tongue to the roof of your mouth."

Cindy said these exercises can help tone and smoothen the sagging "turkey-looking" neck muscles.

For an additional help, she suggested to take two tablespoons of liquid collagen with hyaluronic acid twice every day.

She explained that the simple exercises got rid of her neck wrinkles "that made me feel like I was looking 80 years old".

The beauty guru also realised that food enriched in vitamin C and chicken bone broth provided collagen to help her shave five years off her age.

Wearing sunscreen and sleeping at least seven hours a day were proven paramount to her success to younger skin.

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