We live in an idyllic town being ruined by tourists – they have hit a new low with most DISGUSTING act we’ve ever seen | The Sun

FURIOUS locals living in a Spanish coastal town overrun with nightmare tourists are ready to go to war after a disgusting viral video.

Sickening footage showing the moment a Dutch tourist defecated onto a passed-out partygoer as he slept on the promenade in Arenal, Majorca.

The sick prank is the latest grim act to have infuriated residents who have been forced to ensure a series of hellish summers in the once-quaint town of Arenal.

It was reportedly filmed only a few days ago and has already inspired plenty of hatred in the community against who they see as turning their home into an open toilet.

And the video has already been dubbed a new low for the resort town.

Local media has carried reports describing how the town "cannot sink any lower"and reported how residents are begging for the police to step in.

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The newly popular resort suffers from an influx of troublemaker tourists each year, with boozy Brits usually being dubbed the "worst" of them all.

Arenal sits between Palma and Llucmajor and is on the opposite side of the bay to its more infamous neighbour Magaluf.

"This is the sickest thing I’ve ever seen," the caption on the widely shared video reads.

Residents infuriated by the disgusting clip have now been left at breaking point.

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Alain Carbonell, vice-president of the Arenal Neighbourhood Association, told local paper Ultima Hora: "This is what is happening here.

"They are very wild people. They’re very drunk, drugged and full of brutal aggressiveness.

"They’re like the mafia as far as we’re concerned."

Last month, Carbonell accused tourists, particularly Germans, of turning Arenal into the home of 48-hour benders.

He claimed the raucous holidaymakers were refusing to pay for hotels to instead go on marathon drinking sessions and end up sleeping on the street or beach.

Carbonell told The Sun Online that the nightmare tourists who descend on the town from March to September make life "insufferable".

"Now Palma Beach has been 'Magalufised'. The Germans now do exactly what the Brits do.

"They throw themselves from balconies, they keep mixing their drinks all day, and use drugs. As a result, they fall asleep in people's gardens, and they are being robbed.

"There a people vomiting all over the place while others use rubbish bins as toilets.

"After partying they go through people's houses, trying to find their hotels, they shout, they sing, they destroy traffic signs.

"They are like crazy, it's insufferable.

"We all live off tourism but we don't want this kind of tourism."

David Servera, president of the Residents' Association of nearby Llucmajor moaned his beloved home was going down the drain.

David explained that the streets are filled with rubbish and faeces overnight and despite being cleaned the following day they become dirty again in a matter of hours.

He told The Sun: "We know it's a tourist area and understand there's going to be noise but there are things you don't expect.

"We are a traditional village but in the past 15 years, many people have left because of the tourists.

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"Arenal is in a great location, it has a beautiful beach and it could be better."

He added: "Authorities need to do more to help us raise the level of tourism and put a stop to 24-hour tourists that come here for a night."

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