Inside Russian Billionaire’s $100 Million Yacht That Can Break Through Ice

Russia’s reputation as the world’s superpower extends to the lavish lifestyles that Russian Billionaires adopt. Oleg Tinkov’s $100 million yacht’s unique feature of breaking through the ice has gained tremendous popularity.

The Russian vessel commissioned by the Billionaire, businessman and bank owner Oleg Tinkov is known for its one-of-a-kind utility. Yachts are usually associated with luxury vacations and basking in the beach terraces. But Oleg Tinkov’s La Datcha 77 is a different kind of beast.

It is made to be able to cut through ice. This makes it an excellent vessel to carry you to uncharted lands like Antarctica and the Arctic region. Yachts are usually known to cover about five percent of the waters, including the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. However, the La Datch is a yacht that will take you to more exciting adventures.

Oleg Tinkov is Tinkov Online bank’s founder in Russia, the Tinkov restaurant owner, and other miscellaneous businesses in appliances. His investment in the creation of the La Datcha 77 has considerably increased his popularity in the world. Of course, none of this would be possible without the help of genius Russian Engineers and masterminds.

The Inside Of This $100 million Yacht is splendid. Here are a few impressive features.

The Lavishly Curated Spaces inside the Yacht

Even when one leaves out this vessel’s unique feature to glide through icy regions, it has an elegant built. There are oversized suites inside this yacht that offer an exquisite experience. Folks can reside here for weeks or even months.

The La Datcha leaves no stone unturned when it comes to offering a luxurious stay. It has master suites designed meticulously for about twenty-one guests. The grand master bedroom comes with a king-size bed. All the bedrooms are constructed with expensive Mahogany wood.

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The walls, which are considerably mirrored, add to the glamor. This yacht has its own gaming space with chess equipment, as Russians are known to be chess lovers. There is also a gym provision with the necessary equipment to maintain a fitness regime on land or the sea.

There are suites and relaxation spaces that have walk-in closets. However, the hot tubs steal the show. There are two tubs, one in the indoor and one on the outdoor, near the sun deck. Imagine experiencing a hot bath while chilling with the view in the Artics!

The Vehicles Stationed in this Yacht

Oleg Tinkov has taken all the efforts to make it a memorable stay. The La Datcha comes with two helicopters just in case one has any mechanical issue. Besides, it also holds several other pricey vehicles. For example, some submarines can accommodate three guests in one ride. Submarines can be used to explore sea life underwater.

Additionally, there are snow scooters and also small boats. Since this million-dollar Russian yacht is known for its capability to cut through ice, Oleg Tinkov has taken every effort to ensure that folks can explore the cold and isolated regions in every possible manner.

The Staff and Crew Of The Yacht

Besides accommodating twelve guests comfortably in the luxury suites, La Datcha also has a crew of about twenty-five members. This crew makes sure the guests have an exquisite experience on board.

The various automobiles and boats that are stationed on the yacht require drivers. There are pilots for the two helicopters that come with this yacht. But that is not all, and there are doctors as a part of the crew.

Taking an adventurous journey to the icy regions of Antarctica can come with its perils. However, the various safety measures are a cherry on top of this magnificent yacht. The doctors on this team ensure the safety of guests. There also is a mini-hospital.

Turkish baths, hot spas, saunas, and professional masseuses make this yacht the epitome of luxury. Guests can get the best massages while being on an adventure like never before. Well-qualified chefs provide the best local cuisines. A classic American or British dish can be made available instantly.

La Datch might have cost Oleg Tinkov around 100 million dollars initially. However, that is not all. Yachts require considerable amounts to be spent on their maintenance. Tinkov, being the businessman he is, owns one of the best yachts in this world and makes money out of it. In a way, La Datcha is paying for its maintenance. This yacht belongs to Tinkov, but he rents it out for weeks and even more than a month as it can stay on the water for forty-one days.

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