Meet Raphael Sauleau: The CEO Of Fraser Yachts

The luxury yacht industry is one of the most exclusive in the world. With high-end clients, high-value assets, and impeccable standards, it takes a special person to lead a company in this space. Enter Raphael Sauleau, Fraser Yachts, one of the leading yacht brokerage firms in the world with 75 years of heritage. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Raphael has become one of the most prominent figures in luxury yachting.

Raphael Sauleau, since he was appointed CEO of Fraser Yachts in 2016, has revolutionized and expanded the company to unprecedented heights by pulling off ingenious business maneuvers.

The Early Years Of Raphael’s Entrepreneurship Journey 

Raphael Sauleau was born in Angers, France, and showed a keen interest in sports from a young age. He excelled in football and even considered pursuing a professional career. However, he decided to study hospitality and tourism in France, and London. After completing his studies, Raphael became an entrepreneur, running several successful businesses before being drawn to the cruise line industry.

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Raphael spent several years at sea, completing world cruises and gaining valuable experience. During this time, he met his future wife and decided to move back to land. He embarked on a 15-year career with V-Ships, the world’s largest maritime services provider. As the Director of Crew Operations, Raphael was responsible for over 60 shore staff and up to 6,500 crew as per Boat International across V-Ships’ various portfolios, including cargo, offshore, cruise, yachting, hotel, and resort. In 2013, Raphael left V-Ships to become the CEO of Parkview Monaco, which managed leading luxury assets.

His Rise To The CEO Of Fraser Yachts

In 2016, Fraser Yachts was looking for a CEO with UHNW expertise and a unique approach to luxury yachting. Raphael’s experience made him the ideal candidate, and he became the company’s fifth CEO in a history spanning more than 70 years, as per Haute Living. Since taking on the role, Raphael has overseen the exponential growth of Fraser Yachts’ Yacht Management fleet to almost 100 yachts, opening five new offices in Hong Kong, Phuket, TCN Palma, and Barcelona, and an increase in its skilled workforce by over 13%.

As Fraser Yachts’ CEO, Raphael has ensured that the company continues to buy and sell more luxury yachts for clients than any other provider. He has also been involved in high-profile yacht sales, showcasing his skills as a skilled negotiator. Raphael’s reputation for providing personalized service to his clients has only grown during his time at Fraser Yachts.

Believing in the importance of working together as an industry to serve clients better, Raphael is actively involved with two of the most influential associations in luxury yachting today – LYBRA or Large Yacht Brokers Association, for which he is currently President as per IBI, and MYBA or Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association as Head of the Communications Committee.

New Horizons For Sauleau

Another leading company in the luxury yachting industry has recognized Raphael Sauleau’s expertise and leadership skills. In November 2022, Raphael parted ways with Fraser and Yachts. In December, he joined IYC, or International Yacht Company, as its Chief Executive Officer, as per Superyacht Times, responsible for managing its global operations and business activities. With Raphael’s strategic vision, IYC is set to achieve growth and efficiency.

Raphael is also committed to promoting sustainability in the industry and has been involved in initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of yachting. He understands that the industry needs to take responsibility for its environmental impact and has actively worked to make a difference.

In conclusion, Raphael Sauleau is a remarkable figure in the luxury yacht industry. With his extensive experience, he has helped Fraser Yachts become one of the world’s largest yacht brokerage firms, and his UHNW expertise has enabled him to provide personalized service to his clients. His commitment to promoting sustainability in the industry reflects his genuine concern for the environment. As the new CEO of IYC, he is poised to take on new challenges and continue his impressive track record of success in the yachting industry.

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