National Lottery draw LIVE – Life changing £3.6m Set For Life jackpot TONIGHT; plus lucky numbers, tickets & how to play

SET For Life returns this evening with another chance to win a lifetime payout of £3.6million.

The twice weekly game returns at 8pm and will see Brits hoping to win the top prize of £30,000 a month for the next 30 years.

It comes after Saturday's huge £4m jackpot was not one – with the prize pot again rolling over to the tune of £5.4million on Wednesday evening.

Please gamble responsibly. And when the fun stops, stop.

Read our EuroMillions live blog below for the latest numbers and results…

  • Joseph Gamp

    Lotto millionaire dubbed Mr Sensible for investing with Queen’s bank

    LOTTO millionaire Steve Thomson has been dubbed “Mr Sensible” after investing a chunk of his £105million win with the Queen’s bank.

    Steve, 43, and wife Lenka, 42, put “tens of millions” into two trusts with Coutts & Co.

    A £30million stocks and shares investment could earn the builder £90million in 20 years.

    A pal said Steve, originally from Selsey, West Sussex, “doesn’t want to end up skint”.

    Careful Steve, who won EuroMillions in 2019, took more than a year to leave his council house for a £4.5million pad.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Two EuroMillions winners have just DAYS to claim their £1million

    TWO EuroMillions players have just days to claim their huge jackpot win or they will lose it forever.

    The lucky lotto winners bagged themselves a cool £1million jackpot on the UK Millionaire Maker draw.

    The first winning draw was in June but the six-month deadline to claim the prize is only three days away.

    The winning ticket was bought in Newham in London and the winning draw number is HSHJ77861.

    If the prize is not claimed by December 15 then the cash will go into the good causes fund.

    The second winning draw was in July and the deadline for claiming that £1m prize if December 29.

    That winning ticket was bought on the Isle of Anglesey and Gwynedd and was one of 20 top prizes in that draw.

    And it’s not the only unclaimed jackpot waiting for its rightful owner.

  • Joseph Gamp

    ‘Our life fell apart’

    Dave and Angela Dawes, 53, cashed in their prize in 2011, buying Tom Jones’ former home for £4m in East Sussex, as Britain’s seventh biggest winners.

    Speaking at the time of their win the couple, who had only played twice before, said that they were going to have the wedding of their dreams.

    Angela enjoyed a new engagement ring, and the couple planned to to buy properties in London and abroad and were looking forward to a trip to Las Vegas and a skiing holiday in Switzerland.

    But the couple’s fortunes have dramatically changes in the ten years since their win, with court battles and dramatic home raids turning the tide.

    Initially they splurged £4.5million on a flat in Fulham, West London just ten minutes from Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge stadium for football mad Mr Dawes, 57.

    The couple then swapped London life for village bliss in East Sussex, and enjoyed a quiet life spending their millions.

    But then Dave’s son Michael also took his dad and stepmother to court after they refused to stop coughing up for him to lunch at the Ritz.

  • Joseph Gamp

    National Lottery timetable

    Here’s a timetable for all UK lottery games including Lotto, EuroMillions and Set For Life.

    There is a draw 6 nights a week.

    Tonight see’s the return of the Lotto and the Thunderball.

    The draws will be at 8pm and 8.15pm.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Set For Life winner becomes full time ghost hunter

    A WOMAN who scooped £10,000 a month for 30 years on the National Lottery Set For Life quit her job to become a ghost hunter with her husband.

    Part-time paranormal investigator Laura Hoyle, 39, has decided to ditch her day job to pursue her spooky passion with Kirk Stevens, 37, after their big win.

    The 39-year-old is used to shocks – after realising she had landed the life-changing amount of money when she initially thought she had only won a fiver.

    Laura was able to immediately jack in her job at a logistics firm, after realising the cash could allow her to concentrate on her ghost-hunting hobby full-time.

    Read more here.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Whats on offer in the Thunderball

    5 MAIN NUMBERS Plus the Thunderball – £500, 000

    5 MAIN NUMBERS – £5,000

    4 MAIN NUMBERS Plus the Thunderball – £250

    4 MAIN NUMBERS – £100

    3 MAIN NUMBERS Plus the Thunderball – £20

    3 MAIN NUMBERS – £10

    2 MAIN NUMBERS Plus the Thunderball – £10

    1 MAIN NUMBER Plus the Thunderball – £5

    0 MAIN NUMBERS Plus the Thunderball – £3

  • Joseph Gamp

    Helpful tips to help you win

    1. Avoid computer picks. It lowers your odds of winning.
    2. On scratchcards try buying 10 of one ticket instead of several different tickets.
    3. Mix it up – Never play all one-number groups.
    4. Don’t pick all odd or all even numbers.
    5. Don’t play patterns.
    6. Avoid anniversaries, birthday’s and dates.
    7. Don’t Copycat – Avoid playing winning numbers that have been drawn before, because every combination has a chance of coming up once every half a million drawings.
  • Joseph Gamp

    The most rewarding numbers

    Think you’ve got the right numbers to win the EuroMillions? Here are the most popular numbers.

    For Euromillions, the most popular number is 50.

    Followed by: 44, 19, 4 and 30.

    The most common extra numbers have been 8 and 3.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Explained: What happens to unclaimed EuroMillions prize money?

    If no UK players come forward within 180 days then the prize money, plus all the interest it has generated while it is held in trust, goes to National Lottery-funded projects across the UK.

    The National Lottery have said: “Our players change the lives of individuals as well as communities by raising, on average, over £33 million for National Lottery-funded projects every week.”

  • Joseph Gamp

    Is the Lotto worth playing for?

    The game with the best odds, in terms of winning the top prize, is the Thunderball.

    According to the National Lottery website, the odds of winning the jackpots are:

    • Lotto jackpot: 1 in 45,057,474.
    • EuroMillions jackpot: 1 in 139,838,160.
    • Set For Life top prize: 1 in 15,339,390.
    • Thunderball top prize: 1 in 8,060,598.

    Woman wins on first time ‘hunch’

    A woman won £184million on her first ever EuroMillion lottery ticket after buying it “on a hunch”.

    The young woman – who wanted to remain anonymous – was presented with the prize at her home in Tahiti after it went unclaimed since October 15.

    According to the EuroMillions website, her ticket was the only entry that matched all seven numbers after the jackpot had hit its cap of €220m (£184m).

    The mystery woman said she had never entered the EuroMillions draw in her life but had grown up watching her grandfather play.

    “I was waiting for the right moment to play, and that day I had a hunch,” she said.

    “Everything is possible, you just have to believe in it. Before checking my ticket, I felt a shiver in my back.

    What’s the scratchcard with the best odds?

    According to Oddschecker, the best scratchcard to snap up is £500 Loaded with odds of just 1 in 3.15.

    For just a fiver you could be in the running for £500.

    In second place, with the same odds, is Full of £500s which also has a top prize of £500.

    Cashword Multiplier follows close behind, which sees punters scratch off letters to reveal symbols to create full words.

    ‘Money made my close relatives demanding and greedy’

    Euromillions mum Gillian Bayford is locked in a family feud over her share of a £148million jackpot.

    Gillian, 44, accused her dad Ian McCulloch, 72, of trying to seize control of the fortune she won with her ex Adrian Bayford, 46.

    The Dundee mum of two blasted Ian, mum Brenda and brother Colin, 42, saying: “It made them bitter and greedy.”

    And she told how she gave them a £20million slice of her fortune — only for them to come back for more.

    Gillian, who runs a property firm in Dundee, said: “It’s upsetting and it’s raw. The money was supposed to make everybody happy.

    “But it’s made my close relatives demanding and greedy.”EditDelete

    Who are the biggest Euromillions winners in history?

    Your chances to win may be remote but if you do you could win big.

    Here are some of the record prizes one by UK winners in the past:

    National Lottery weekly timetable

    Here’s a timetable for all UK lottery games including Lotto, EuroMillions and Set For Life.

    There is a draw six nights a week.

    It should be noted that there are no draws on Sundays.

    • Milica Cosic

      Callie Rogers' campaigns

      Callie is now campaigning for the government to raise the age limit for the National Lottery.

      Gambling is now more popular among children than skateboarding and campaigners believe an age limit of 16 entices young people into a habit of betting.

      Callie feels she was too young to cope with the pressure and wants to stop other kids going through the same problems she faced.

      She told the Mirror: “You are only a 16, with all that responsibility. At that age, you can get the best advice ever. But you are not in a position to listen. I was too young.

      “I suffer from such bad anxiety when I am going to meet new people. It preys on my mind, what a new partner’s family will think of me, or even new friends. I still get abuse just because of who I am.”

    • Milica Cosic

      Explained: When is the next draw?

      The next game to play in will be the Set For Life draw on Monday evening.

      Taking place at 8pm, it will see Brits play for the chance to win £10k a month for the next 30 years.

      Tuesday will see Thunderball take place at 8pm, shortly followed by EuroMillions at 8.45pm – with a stonking jackpot of £42m up for grabs.

    • Milica Cosic

      Big winner

      The biggest EuroMillions jackpot win so far this year in the UK was in April when nine rollovers took the jackpot from its starting value of £14m to over £122m before it was won by one anonymous ticket holder

      In June, £111,540,000 was won when the jackpot was bumped up for this Superdraw.

    • Milica Cosic

      From mansion to homeless

      Ex-jailbird Lee Ryan scooped the £6.5million jackpot just 17 weeks after the lottery was launched on November 14 1994. He made headlines when it emerged he was accused of handling stolen cars and was imprisoned for 18 months after his huge payout.

      Lee then spent a decade living the high life and splashed his car on luxury cars, a helicopter and a £2million mansion.

      But Lee ended up penniless, spent two years living on the street and shacked up in a tiny flat in London he shared with homeless pals.

      “The money was cursed because I took the p**s out of God when I asked him to make me a multimillionaire. My cellmate warned me to be careful what I wished for,” he said.

      Lee ended up splitting with Karen Taylor, his girlfriend of eight years, and moved to London where he met a 25-year-old from Kyrgyzstan.

      They took an ill-fated trip to the Central Asian country where Lee attempted to invest the last of his winnings in property.

      But he returned empty-handed, claiming to have been stitched up by investors following the Kyrgyzstan revolution in 2010.

    • Milica Cosic

      ‘I sill shop in Primark despite winning £1.8m’

      A NATIONAL Lottery winning dinner lady still lives in her council house, shops in Primark and drives a Kia despite bagging £1.8million.

      Trish Emson, 51, explained money or her millionaire status did not change her or her partner Graham Norton, also 51, who still works as a decorator.

      The down-to-earth pair have even managed to keep their teenage son Benjamin, 17, in check – and don’t even give him pocket money.

      The modest mum, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, said: “Being rich doesn’t make you posh or a better person.

      “I don’t like showing off and bragging about money and I can’t be posh anyway.

      “To look at me you wouldn’t think I was a millionaire, but if I have to dress up I feel fake, I prefer my jeans,” she told The Mirror.

      Read the article in full here.

    • Milica Cosic

      What is the Set For Life?

      The Set For Life draw runs on Mondays and Thursdays and one lucky Brit could win £10,000 every month for the next 30 years.

      Players have to pick five numbers from 1-47 plus one Life Ball number from 1-10 or go with a Lucky Dip to get a randomly generated number.

      You can buy Set For Life tickets online every day from 6am until 11pm. But remember, to play on a draw day, you’ll need to buy your ticket before 7.30pm.

      The winning numbers go out at 8pm and can be found on the National Lottery website or their YouTube channel.

    • Milica Cosic

      Selfless couple give away winnings

      A £115million jackpot is probably enough to not just change your life, but the lives of everyone you’ve ever cared about too.

      Which is probably why Frances and Patrick Connolly decided to give over half of their winnings to 175 people.

      “We won £114,969,775.70 and we have given away more than half,” Frances said last year.

      “That’s £60million-worth of love. And the thing that makes me even happier is that every single person we gave money to has passed some of it on to other people. I can’t think of a day since winning the Lottery that I haven’t smiled.”

      Read more here.

    • Milica Cosic

      When is the next draw?

      The next game to play in will be the Set For Life draw on tonight.

      Taking place at 8pm, it will see Brits play for the chance to win £10k a month for the next 30 years.

      Tuesday will see Thunderball take place at 8pm, shortly followed by EuroMillions at 8.45pm – with a stonking jackpot of £42m up for grabs.

    • Milica Cosic

      Explained: How long do winners have to claim their money?

      Winners from different countries have different deadlines to claim their prize.

      In Austria, winners have a whole three years to claim the prize before it is returned to the lottery and used to fund boosted prizes.

      Belgian winners, on the other hand, only have around 140 days before the money is returned to the Belgian National Lottery.

      The least amount of time to snap up the jackpot goes to France and Luxembourg.

      Winners from Ireland, Portugal and Spain all have around 90 days to tell the world they’ve won.

    • Milica Cosic

      Odds for easiest lotteries to win around the world

      1. FranceLoto – odds 1:5.99
      2. Swedish Lottery – odds 1:7
      3. Oz Lotto – odds 1:8
      4. Polish Mini Lotto – odds 1:8.5
      5. UK National Lottery – odds 1:9.3
      6. Spanish Lotto – odds 1:10
      7. Austria Lotto – odds 1:12
      8. Irish Lotto – odds 1:13
      9. Mega Millions Lottery – odds 1:24
      10. Powerball Lotto – odds 1:24.87

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