People share hilarious pictures of children stealing the show

Just kidding around! Photos capture children stealing the limelight in family snaps – from a frowning newborn to a bridesmaid grossed out by the happy couple

  • People from all over the world have shared hilarious pictures of their children 
  • From pulling faces to playing with pigeons, they all stole the show in these snaps 
  • One grumpy child was photographed tucking their whole body in their shirt 

It’s a truth universally acknowledged; kids know just how to steal the show when the camera clicks.

People from all over the world have shared hilarious snaps of kids doing their best to keep the attention on them on trivia website The 

In one snap, a cheeky flowergirl looks utterly revolted as she watches newlyweds kiss after tying the knot. 

In another photo, taken in Italy, a boy was snapped catching a pigeon with his bare hands and refusing to let go.  

Scroll down for more photos of youngsters getting up to know good when the camera pans their way… 

Ew! People have shared hilarious pictures of children stealing the show; this flowergirl was not impressed by newlyweds smooching so close to her

Pizza thief! This adventurous baby decided to run off with a piece of pizza in his mouth

My best side: A very grumpy boy tucks his arms and legs underneath his t-shirt to hide, but his mother wasn’t deterred

Supergirl! While her sister posed with her mother, a fearless child decided to photobomb them by diving into the lake behind them

Fishy kisses: This toddler was tricked into kissing a fish by an adult – and doesn’t look impressed

What did you do that for? Their face says it all; a baby photographed after bath time doesn’t look happy

Feathered friends: A man explained this picture was taken in Italy, with the child on the right – his father – ruining the picture by catching a pigeon with his bare hands 

Search that! A cheeky daughter left her dad in stitches when she used her nostrils to spell the word ‘Google’ and sent it to the Silicon Valley company 

Serious attitude: Even though she was holding beautiful flowers, this little girl did not seem overjoyed that the camera was capturing her 

Old before their time: A brother and sister duo decided to dress up to mark a special Senior Citizen Day at their school, pictured 

Keeping things creative: A child got to choose their own Halloween costume and went for a mash up between Mickey Mouse and Chewbacca 

The cutest skeleton you’ll ever see! A child decided to spruce up their Halloween costume by wearing a party hat, pictured 

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