Ree Drummond Cooked Up Something Special for Dogs Everywhere to Celebrate National Pet Day

National Pet Day is April 11, and Ree Drummond has created some special treats to celebrate.

Drummed cooked up several new dog treats for her Pioneer Woman line with Purina as a present for canines celebrating National Pet Day, including Drummond's own 7 dogs that live on her ranch outside of Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

"I have a porch full of dogs, from big athletic labs to floppy, lazy basset hounds. I had a basset hound when I was a very young child, so I have a long history with them. I also get to enjoy our cowboy Josh's dogs; he has a couple of good rescue dogs who sometimes wander down to my porch to hang with my canine crew," Drummond tells PEOPLE of how dogs rule the ranch.

She has created The Pioneer Woman Jerky Cuts for National Pet Day after "tinkering with new and fun ideas" throughout the year.

"They're my favorite treats we've developed so far. I knew I wanted to bring a taste of the ranch life to four-legged friends everywhere, and I'm excited that all adult dogs can now enjoy what my dogs have been tasting and testing for over a year now!' Drummond says of her latest creations for canines. "The three new flavors include Ranch-Raised Beef Recipe, Farm-Raised Chicken Recipe, and Ranch-Raised Lamb Recipe. Each variety is made with simple, natural ingredients that don't contain corn, wheat, or soy. They have a rustic shape and texture that's great for dogs."

To make sure the treats had the taste of the ranch that Drummond's dogs love, The Pioneer Woman tested the new products on her own pets, which easily pleased their picky palettes. While Drummond plans to shower her dogs with love (and more treats) on National Pet Day, she also says, "when you're a dog lover, every day is National Pet Day!"

"In some ways, yes — I would say my pets are spoiled! They have wide-open spaces to run and play, and they have my total and complete devotion!" Drummond adds of how every day can be like a holiday for her pups. "On the other hand, I want them to be safe and well, so I am not afraid to be a mom when it comes to giving them boundaries and making sure they have nutritious food and treats."

Drummond has no problem showering her pooches in appreciation and affection, especially because they provide her with so much peace and happiness.

"Our dogs have had such an essential part of providing unconditional love and good times over the past year. It doesn't matter what's going on in the world; all dogs care about is spending time with their humans!" she says.

Just another reason to celebrate your furry friends on National Pet Day and the other 364 days of the year.

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